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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 123 - 126

Wouldn't expect anything less than a polished gem from these guys! Really well produced, and the signature Copyright sound: soulful, groovy and housey! All the single sounds will definitely be finding their way into our sample folders. Great pack!

This ones essential for all the house heads - i found this pack to be jammed with really useful & useable samples! great for getting that groovy house vibe going! good choice of percs! especially some handy toms & drum hits! also cool loops and bonus midis to get the inspiration flowing!

Having been a big fan of Copyright's productions over the years this pack certainly does not disappoint - An endless amount of useful loops and hits in this and some great instant go to patches that really capture their classic house sound!! A great pack that ill be using a lot I'm sure :)

Want to get signed to Defected?... well this might help!!
Get the trademark House sound carefully crafted by Defected stalwarts Copyright with this rather large sample pack. Plenty of loops to chose from, broken down into percussive sounds, shakers, hats or full on drums. Pre-made basslines and some great musical loops in here too.. pianos, rhodes, synths etc. Loads of one hit stabs, chords, drum hits and SFX all neatly arranged in folders as well as in REX files or Sampler Patches.. as Pete Tong would say.. Essential!

The beauty of a well made sample pack like this is that it can transcend genre. As House-oriented as this kit is it's also surprisingly versatile with a great range of thumping / grooving / up front / laid back material not trying too hard yet landing right in the proverbial pocket. Cohesive and despite being warm and friendly also packs a wallop. These sounds may be here because of Copyrite's love of House but check this pack out regardless of what you're cooking and get crafty with it. Solid!

Really good house vibes in this sample pack as expected. Will surely be checking this out and incorporating bits in future productions. It's always nice to have a variety of sample packs, and so why not indulge in the defected brand!


I like it very much. There are cool sounds like the chords and stabs in the music loops filder. The bass loops and Tops are good too, fresh and groovy ! The quality of the sample shots is cool, i use a lot it especially the Hihats.


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