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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: House and EDM


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

This pack speaks for itself - something that is an essential tool in any house music producers library

There are some amazing parts within this pack so you'll be creating those chunky beats and melodic rifts in no time

Well worth getting 1/10

Another top notch release from Loopmasters ! Everything is organized and labeled properly. Tons of drum loops, bass loops & lead lines to choose from to create one banging track after another. I especially love the synth chords...This release is a "no-brainer" for anyone doing swedish/electro style stuff , go grab it !

great samples and very user friendly on first listen....looking fiorward to getting in studio next week and trying some of these out!

This pack is highly recommended for those producing Progressive, Tribal, Electro & Tech House. Lots of useful chords, leads, plucks, and bass sounds. Beautifully produced, catchy, and energetic loops. If loops aren't your thing this pack has your back with lots of individual drum sounds and FX type sounds to create your own beats with.

Without wanting to sound stupid, this does exactly what it says on the tin. Some really big synth loops that will help create some huge breakdowns as well as loads of bass loops to make strong, quality grooves. If you are after making a big summer anthem, this pack with defo put you on the right track.

Very solid release. Swedish House is an excellent loop pack for the producer going for the hot current sound. Tons of fresh basslines, medolies and excellent drum bits as well.

Some really inspirational lead lines and chord sequences in this pack. Props to Andy Lee for doing such a great job, the sound design is often flawless with plenty of room for any producer of any shape or size to modify and manipulate these loops and samples to their heart's content! A great all-round pack, with far more substance than just "those Swedish House sounds" that you'd expect.

Loopmasters have excelled themselves with providing a fresh and inspiring collection capturing the swedish house sound perfectly. I'm especially impressed with the drum loops which will be making their way onto some of my tracks very soon. The synth loops are also impressive which will give any track a solid bass to build from.

nice collection with loads of ideas and inspiration; not all is about swedish house, this library fits into all kinds of house and other styles as well; i like the big choice of melody and riff loops, there is loads of ideas; i would not just copy them into my song but use them as a start for more...good stuff!

Overall good beat-loop section . Loads of stuff to catch a vibe from straight away. I'm a little worried tho that some of these are "too" ready to use, and in that process will end up in tons of tracks, but hey... Royalty free!!! The riff and general music loops are great as well, for catching that vibe and build around. A few of the loops where so good I thought I recognized them from various tunes on the radio!! Overall a great package, very well engineered and sonically spot on for that poppy house sound.

Everyone knows the Swedish House Mafia are 3 of the biggest chumps on this earth but there is no denying the genre is hot shit at the moment. This is very very good. The drums are super tight and really punchy. The synth riffs are just what you're after and the fx are really useful for any genre.
Don't expect me to release any Swedish House any time soon but if i did, this pack would be getting rinsed

This a great starting point for anyone trying to acheive that euro sound of the swedish house mafia and there are some great full loops there to give you a good solid groove which is a must for all big dance tunes.dino psaras

Some of those grooves are really crazy. Just add the kick and your drums are rocking!


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