High Ranking comes again but this time he blesses us with some of the best dubstep and drum and bass synth sounds i have heard in Years!!! for me the dirty ripping bass sounds are an absolute dream and wil give any dub track what it needs and thats kick ass filthy modulated bass . This is a total must for all serious producers! i rate this a total 10 out of 10! Boombastik filthy bass in ya face from High Rankin!

This is digital modular synthesis at its best! Completely what NI Massive was designed for! Some really interesting soudscapes built in, and not just handy for Dubstep, but also anything with that gritty Electro sound. It's also really good to see LM branching out with patch design too, offering so much more scope beyond the basic loop. Well done High Rankin, and what a fine moustache too!

Serious quality patches that can only be expected from High Rankin, if you haven't got the sample pack, it's an absolute must for any producer who makes bassline music.
these patches now open up the Massive into the beast of a synth that it is !! ...

Im loving all of your synth preset packs so far and this one is no exception. It takes you to settings on plugins like Massive that you would have taken a long time to discover for yourself and gives you a new starting point to really make some MASSIVE sounds! So much flexibility in packs like these especially when they're not the genre of music i normally make so i can work some new sounds into my production and switch things up a bit. More like this please ;)

lots of big mentalist bass patches !!
really good to go to to get a vibe patches with lots of care taken when making , there not just run of the mill blaaaaaaahhhhhhrrrgh bass notes theres lots of cool automation in there ..well worth a look

Amazing bank of bass sounds - these are divided into main, mid and high basses so you can use them as pads, FX and leads also

Really easy to edit within MASSIVE also so you can tweak and make them your own

Once you've worked it out they're really easy to install into the plug-in and they download in literally seconds - really great product and I'll be certainly getting more Massive patches

lovely set of presets from mr rankin..you can never have enough of them and these are very tweekable starting points to get something completely out there... well worth a look


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