Having seen this unique performer live we were straight onto the download button .

In a heavily machine orientated production, nothing gives a track life or soul better than the human voice and Mr Stanford is so much more than the average Beatboxer - He's also in possession of a stunning voice and it was this carrot that lead us into the zip

The Harmony section of this DL is totally worth the asking price by itself , the loops are inspiring, one of a kind and refreshingly original - lots of layered vocal textures just crying out for stretching , gating , crushing and other forms of electronic torture and for once you know the vocalist would appreciate your plug-in chain .. we just wish there were more- much more !

The beatbox section and loops are fab too - very well recorded and post processed , but the weak link is the hit /stab sections - although technically top notch are'nt as exciting as the rest of the pack

Dub dear chap - PLEASE do another of just the harmony styles - in the words of Alan sugar - These are your USP

Some amazing new sounds, loops and effects in this pack. Just what is needed to make your productions stand out from the rest. There's plenty to chose from here and the quality of the sound is great. Really useful sampler patches too for those who dont want to get stuck with just the loops. This should take your music in an all together different direction no matter what genre you started out with.

DUB FX comes with an awsome producers package full of his tricks and blissful vocal textures. This package has some awsome bass loops and the vocals are wonderfully sublime! this is a perfect little soundpack full of goodies for any electronic producer and DJ.

If your into sophisticated breaks with human funky raw edge to it, this is a perfect tool to use. Very good dubstep + d&b baselines, with quality fx's & unique vocals to try out in your productions.

A really good pack - tended to find me using a lot of these as effects

There are some great loops within this pack which can make for some very interesting additions into production

The quality of the sounds are powerful and clear as a bell so make of them whatever you want

A great tool to have stashed on your hard drive

Outstanding pack of human beatbox stylings with punch, grit and everything one could ask for within this source. Much of this collection doesn't sound "obviously human" but rather just sounds damn good (great really) and perhaps most importantly these sounds feel original (because they are). All elements are represented amazingly well: percussion, bass and mindblowingly fresh vocal harmonies. Essential.


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