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Genre: Neurofunk

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass, Artist Series, and Neurofunk


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 87 - 175

What an awesome sample pack! Maztek has done a fantastic job here! Just the snares folder alone is worth buying this pack. From the top loops to the kick and snare one shots the drums are snappy, clean and ready to go! The bass one shots are fat yet clean. If you want to make any nuero music this pack is a must!

Italian DnB artist Maztek's Loopmasters debut hits hard. the Drum Loops folder is a riot of...

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Loopmasters have smashed this one! Neuro funk hero Maztek drops one of my favorite packs for a while, the production on the bass lines and drum loops is immaculate, the blend of technological craft & dance floor energy is superb and the Live drum loops were a slightly unexpected bonus, but are one of stand outs for me. Presented with all manor of drum fills, beats, breaks,FX and all the usual formats, REX, sampler patches, basically the pack is sick, and an absolute bargain! buy on sight

Loopmasters is definitely one of the best brands when it comes to team up with worldwide-known masterminds. And it proves it once again! Hard-kicking drums, swaying saturated basses and industrial techy synths: the Italian Drum&Bass maestro known as Maztek open the gates of the Neurofunk realm for anyone who dares to step through it. Neuro releases have been legion throughout the past couple of years but if you’ve got just one to buy, it should be probably this one.

The absolute secret weapons for every neurofunk producer!! Really greats drums, bass hits as well as wicked loops that you can chop to infinite! This pack is perfect to improve your creativity. There is also a huge bank of Kontakt settings perfect to create your own sound, with strong bases! This excellent pack is design perfectly to make neurofunk but also all kind of punchy drum&bass! Everyone who know Maztek understand that this pack will add heaviness to your own productions. Don't hesitate to buy it! I really love it, I use it really every great Job!!

Maztek X Neurofunk & Loopmasters have dropped a wicked sample pack here. There are so many great sounds in this pack that will find their way into our upcoming projects. The drum sounds in particular in this pack are dope! Thank you Loopmasters!

One of the absolute masters of hard drum and bass, Maztek really nailed this one! A great collection of samples from the deepest darkest depths of the underground. I highly recommend this pack to anyone wanting to make high impact Neuro, Crossbreed or Hard Drum and Bass

Love the drum samples and FXs in this sample pack, perfect for dark and deep music, not only drum and bass. The quality of samples is top notch and well crafted. This package is perfect tool when starting the track from scratch, it gives you the solid fundaments so you can focus on creativity in early stages and catch the vibe.


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