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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Artist Series


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 170 - 180

For me the most useful sounds in this pack are the kicks and snares. Some reelly great distorted hits, very usable ! Love the FX sounds too, for that twisted vibe. Some of the music loops are really cool too .

DJ Krust presents Bristol Drum and Bass is a nice steady away simple Drum and bass producers package, it contains some lovely drums breaks and some nice lush Bass sounds. This is a perfect little package for any drum and bass producer and DJ.

Dj Krust, what a legend! Really enjoyed checking this sample pack out, its full of really fat sounding content. All the sounds have clearly come from some old skool synths and had some great analogue treatment, it's got his sound all over it. Some of the drum breaks are not quite to my taste, but would be great for layering and combining with others to give an nice underlaying punch.

All in all i would say this pack is a really nice addition to my collection and have been getting really stuck in.

Without a doubt this is all about DJ Krust's renowned percussion. His fantastic swing templates and shuffles are all here giving the rest of us producers the genuine Brizzle groove. Nice one Krust.

Krust is a huge inspiration for our music, and this sample pack reinforces that.
We have found that this pack gives a great insight into how krust gets that
trade mark organic sound, which had a sense of mystery to us.

The drums are dirty and have that krust v synth texture and energy to them.
We where more drawn to the arp sounds and mini moog sound design samples and layers that are on the pack. fantastic if you dont own this hardware already.

This pack is a staple resource for any electronic producer.


The pack definitely stands up to it's title. Straight up Bristol style sounds. The drum loops sound especially nice to me. Full and weighty. You can hear analog vibe on a lot of the samples which is great.


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