Ive been waiting for a pack like this for an insane amount of time .. ISR have seriously pulled one out of the bag! absolute must for anyone .. film samples for days! OVER 6 (Yes 6..) Gb of license free film snips, quotes, samples, noises, soundscapes the lot, absolute perfection!

Fantastic mixture of verbal and atmospheric audio with enough organization to properly navigate while still being sprawling in size. Categories make sounds easy to find and there's endless hidden gem fragments which also make this pack feel like a treasure hunt. Many of the vocal-feature clips contain ambiance, artifact and sound effects resulting in rich sampling fodder. This is the kind of secret sauce that can take a track from cool to compelling when properly employed.

Yes, I like this pack very well. If you want to more spice for your tracks, this pack is better I think that. there is a lot of sound effect for dark and spacey. I like it. it's right voice sound for intro and pre drop.

Wow just wow 10/10 for this one - so many good acapellas here I don't know where to startt This sample pack just has so much going for it - so many good phrases you can use in all sorts of music. Someone has taken the time and effort to sample all these cool vocal samples from so many diffrent films well done.

The motherload of movie samples. This pack is full of everything you need from aliens to horror to sound effects of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for pre drops, intros and everything you could possibly imagine. Would highly recommend this pack for producers looking to add some cinematic samples to their collection.

Very large pack with plenty of material in here. Would be particularly good for lofi or instrumental hip hop stuff. That's mainly what I think I'll try it out on. However, totally could use this in pretty much any genre


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