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Genre: Disco

Additional Styles: Disco and Funk

Very useful professional disco stuff here to add some funk on your productions & studio kit. The basslines here are strong with very cool keys to use as well.

Drum Drops always come correct. This is yet another well engineered and well executed package.
Very useful.

Nice authentic disco/funk grooves and loops. If you need some funky guitar licks or some funk bass- this set will do the job. More funk than disco, the tempo ranges from 102 to 127. Best for a supplemental set, looking for additional sounds that will work with different vibes.

If your looking for some real instruments to incorporate into your next project, this is a great starting point! These loops can be used in any genre not just disco, they are great for hip hop and other genres too. If your tracks feel like they are missing some human feel, these loops will add a good organic feel to any production. The instruments are well played, have been excellently recorded and feature good rhythm to bring life to your tracks.

Cool to have a pack of instruments only. The recordings and playing are great quality, the electric bass samples are really warm and smooth. Good selection of keys and tempos. Drum Drops always supply the goods.

A lot of fantastic musical elements in the pack, along with great vibes of a stylistic soundscapes galore. The variety of sounds is immense and offers a lot at the creative stage of song writing, regardless of it being a disco sample pack. Its a must if your looking for a bit of groove and funk to help tick things over is live music way.

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