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Genre: Filmscore

Additional Styles: Filmscore and Asia

The Laya Project is a seductive selection of really well recorded sounds, long stems and loops from all over the globe which i found to be quite impressive. This pack will give you a wide range of use in the studio if your looking to add some raw eastern spice in your mix. The content is fairly dry so effecting the samples is not s issue. I especially liked the vocal samples and the percussion was very tasty indeed. if your like me when it comes to finding unique samples Laya is stuffed with more then enough samples to rip into. The Raw Effects & Amb samples are totally ready for intros, layering and beyond. The bonus videos that came in the download really give you a look into the places this was made which was a very nice touch.

I was quite excited when i saw this on Loopmasters. Just the kind of samples that we love using in our productions and this pack doesn't disappoint. It has a great selection of ethnic vocals & instruments from South East Asia. These will be cropping up in lots of our productions in the near future. Overall great sample pack to inject some of that ethnic sound into your productions whatever genre you produce.

Really well recorded instruments, chants and percussion all with a hint of India. Not really anything for us us to use in here, but if you're doing film scores or add's, or you want something with a Bangara angle then this is essential!

Laya Project by Earth Moments .

This is a lovely introdcution to world and ethnic sounds from around the world . This little great package of ethno goodies comes with some lovely folders of loops and sounds from places like The Maldives , India and Indonesia. Each folder also contains some lovely short films of the people being recorded , for me this is a delight to review as i also did a remix for Earth momemnts Laya Projects The track Ya Allah which you are most welcome to listen to here :http://soundcloud.com/celt-islam/ya-allah-sufi-dubstars-aka-celt-islam-dj-umb-remix-feat-dawoud-kringle-laya-project

This package is most perfect for most styles espeically Entho house and Transnational Dubstep! I strongly recomend this excellent package to any serious producer and artist. 10 out of 10!

Wicked collection of sounds from the far east. Very well organized and selected. Sound quality is tip top too. Will defo use it for some of my projects. Safe

Quite a unique selection of sounds. They offer quite a diverse range from SE Asia and Oceania. Some more inspiring than others. I have already found a good place for some of the sounds in my work. Good to see this kind of diversity.

theres no way you can get hold of this kind of material unless your up for traveling the world with a bunch of recording equipment in your bag !
bottom line is its loads of great authentic world music at your finger tips really great vibey recordings that can add something special to a piece of music.

Large well organised pack covering musical recordings from a variety of locations across the world. Well recorded and diverse set of sounds covering melodic instrumentation, percussion and vocal cuts. Would definitely recommend if you are looking to add musicality from across the globe.

This sample pack is totally immersive. A really wide range of instrumentation from 6 different cultures, as well as vocals and percussion, you find yourself getting lost in this pack. Navigating through is easy with samples organised into folders by country then divided into subcategories of instruments within each. The recordings are authentic and beautiful. Everything sounds crystal clear and the videos which accompany the samples give a nice insight and add to what is a magical set of samples to get stuck into.

It's great to discover sample packs that still stand the test of time 8 years post release. Award winning and rightly so, timeless given it's release in 2012. Location recordings from around the planet that are simply stunning in capturing the beauty and simplicity of unaffected musical expression. This is a beautiful collection of ethnic, indigenous, tribal and ceremonial soundscapes, performances and scenarios all worthy of the awards. Get inspired.


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