A huge release like this would usually carry a lot of dead weight but I was very impressed with the amount of useable sounds. I am looking forward to delving deeper and using these well crafted samples. It is a strong and tightly produced pack with loops that would suit most 4/4 styles and some beats styles too.

Freemasons 100% Remix Tools by Loopmasters .

This is one of the most outstanding Progressive and Electro House producers packages i have had the pleasure of reviewing. Well packed with Goodies some awsome strong Drum Loops and the Bass Loops are fantastic as for the synth loops and sounds well they are totally amazing in sound and texture! This is without a doubt a perfect example of House production at its best! but saying that one will find many a great sound for other genres be it Drum and Bass Breaks or Dub infested dance music. 10 out of 10! Quality!!!

If I could... Id give this 11 stars. Hands down one of the best sample sets Ive ever heard. There's not 1 bad loop in the bunch. Its got everything you ever need. Im not even giving this a full review- just go buy it...NOW.

No surprise here that The Freemasons deliver. Top quality loops, sounds and riffs to fit with a number of house styles. Particularly like the future funk set.

Free masons pack this out with lots of quality content, I was impressed at the production value on this.. it sounds Big..
the synth sections are very commercial dance, and there's not much variety there as it's just all epic big rooms stuff. the bass loops section is similar in this respect.
The rest of the pack is more varied thankfully which is where it comes good for me. really good beats and loops all round in this respect.

it's basically really good if you write house music,, and brilliant if you write commercial epic house.

Worthy of a gold medal this sample pack!! So well produced, all the sounds are well EQ'd and compressed and literally sparkle when you put them into your track. We're big fans of the separate sounds in here, and shall be using them for time to come. Great pack, but then we wouldn't expect anything less from these guys!

Exceptionally generous and great value pack that covers the full spectrum of 126-128Bpm HOUSE music.
Solid, swinging, shuffling grooves, extensive selection of quality Synth and Multi patches, unusual and highly useful song starters "AIR" loops - high pass filtered top end harmonic loops in key, to kick start a vibe. Recommended!
(one minor niggle..if only the Drums Loops where organised into Tops and Full Loops, or No Kick..would save a bit of time auditioning....)

i always tagged freemasons as being funky house so when i started listening to this pack i was happily shocked as it contained a lot of uplifting progressive & electro sounds which are among the best i have heard so far from loopmasters. it just reinforces the 2012 merging of genres.good solid pack with great sound quality and again if used in the correct production layout there is a few gems to be found.


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