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Genre: Dubstep

Additional Styles: Dubstep


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 140 - 140

Great dubstep set from Loopmasters. This one gives you the hard shit youre looking for. Im doing dubstep sounds mixed into other styles of EDM- so youve got plenty to chose from here. Lots of dirty, grimey bassline and bass effects but no beats. Very hard- definitely one of the most authentic sounds from the genre.

Dubstep Mechatron by Loopmasters This is one outstanding producers package from Loopmasters "Dubstep Mechatron" come with some heavyweight tearing foul and damright disgustingly awsome Bass and Syntn Sounds! All you Glitch , Electro Transnational Dubsteping Bassheads shall love this one without a doubt! The dark an deep robotica sounding Bass and synth loops and sounds are of the upmost best to date! This is a 10 out of 10 for not just sound quality, porduction bu for raw energy and creativity most perfect for any modern day electronica producer and DJ.

Great value pack that's mostly angled towards the complextro/brostep sound but I can certainly work some of these into new tempos and contexts. And it's a great addition to the sound design library. Big, raw, dirty Bass patches and those zingy, flangey metallic transformer sound effects that leap out of the speakers.

Thank you very much for this package. This makes it much faster to work on that narly bass sound in my tracks. The bass is hard and the wobbles are programmed with great care.
All the sound in this package really stab through your mix even with out having to distort. so you can always add this to your mix very nicely. thanx guys...

phat sounds and nice effects! there's a lot of powerful samples in this package. no soft sounds, but everything if you want to give your track some edge and power...nice collection!

Really cool soundpack that also features some wonderful growls that make this a good sound design tool. Recently did a job for a major car manufacturer and required some futuristic engine noises - several of which I used from this pack. Excellent not only for dubstep, but also for any type of sound design requiring scary textures.

looking for that one dubstep stab or hit you hear in major records but just cant get it .. well this is the one, stabs and synths a plenty cut and edit till your hearts full of dubstep love !

Dubstep Mecharon by Loopmasters powerful synth sounds specialize in Dubstep and similar genres. there is a lot of sampler patches. very unique bass sounds are completed but it can also be used as layers I can make the music beyond my imagination


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