Very nice. I like the definition in this and there nicely spaced and imaged. I dont have to do to much work in the mix to use these sounds.

The big bold hash tag for this pack is #ANALOGUE! Sonically incomparable to other i.t.b. produced packs you can hear and feel the difference in Phil's mighty Loopmasters Pack. Suddenly the speaker cone moves in a seemingly organic way, the beats are alive and present. All the fast track elements you need to produce 'proper' sounding techno/electro are right here. Will be joy to play with this pack. Thanks Phil, and thanks Loopmasters once again.

This is a great package for techno producers, with a lot to offer to those that wish to compose some darker tracks.
The basslines are excellent as are the Dark menacing effects. A good size collection of bass, drum and percussion loops, inspiring effects and analogue presets that definitely get the thumbs up from me.

Fantastic pack here from Phil who offers a great range of samples from full beat loops for those in need of a quick start, but here he has also kindly broken down the loops into each element so you can extract just the rhythmic sounds you want or recreate the whole loop from scratch. Loads of great sampler patches too so you can use just the individual hits and stabs.. A very well thought out pack and lovely production on the sounds too.

Analogue is all i need to see and im in. A solid selection of bass hits, sfx, synth hits and some extra vocals for good measure. Amazing sound qualty and a great selectio of sampler patches so you can get inside of the sound and own it. Very inspiring and solid work.

The music loops are the best thing about this pack .Some really grainy, interesting flavoursome sounds !! Love some of the drum hits too , especially the kicks :)

There are loads of great one shots in this pack which was just what i was looking for, full bodied kicks, snappy snares and claps and plenty of dope bass sounds and stabs. i've used the kicks in a fair few tunes of mine now, i find this a really useful pack to go to for the basic meat and veg of a track, lets you get creative and onto the music and the groove straight away without having to spend an age tweaking eqs for the perfect kick sound.


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