Good-sized bundle full of basic and more specialised samples from claps and snares to reverb claps, big and tight snares, claps and many of these layered into stacks. Catchy samples to give edge as well as more texture to your productions.
Highly recommended.!!

Yes, its just claps & snares...but they are very good. If you are in the market for top quality claps & snares- this set has it. They have big claps, tight snares, some snaps, stax (which are layered), reverb claps (which are great !) and the best of the bunch- the smash layers, which are what you hear in every song now. Nice job RV !

Huge and very cool release! Big variation of claps and snares, perfectly fits to any genre! Going to use it in my next track for sure

Previously I've had to go loads of clap-packs, digging through a lot of dirt to find some gold. In this package, pretty much every sample is usable! Great processed clap/snare/snap samples, ready to put in a groove - and the reverb-clap come in handy as effects in your arrangement! Probably my future go-to clap-pack!

very useable sounds. you can never really have enough of these. the processing is nice on them too. especially the reverbed sounds.

Brilliant collection of hits for beats 2, 4 and more. This is an immensely conclusive assortment of snares and claps. Well produced and a great variety of hits. I really can't speak highly enough and certainly cant think of a reason not to buy this pack.

Brilliant selection of claps and snares etc.. The one stop shop :) Used a bunch of them already , great stuff thanks!!

Does what it says on the tin - if you need some claps and snares to add to your productions that are ready layered to give your tracks a full sound then this is for you.
Here you have a selection claps and snares separately organized into tight, reverb, smash layers, stax and big sections, so you can just go direct to the type of sound you are looking for.
My only gripe with this pack is that it didn't come with ready mapped sample formats for EXS, Kontakt etc.

been using this pack a lot.....all hits are well produced and usable for a wide range of styles.....a great pack!!....very impressed


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