Absolutely fantastic collection of riffs and beds, all ready to go. The music loops in particular are outstanding and perfect to use as a springboard to write an entire tune from.

Having the samples in rex format has saved me hours in chopping things up. Perfect.

Beautiful, lush, emotive and enormous sounding.

I first heard of Pete Whitfield through Future Cut as he had just finished writing and recording for their Un-cut album. I really like the way he moved between the notes and the tones he got from the bow. Check out the MIST VIP of Midnight for an example.

This pack was created by Pete for Loopmasters and oozes class. Unfortunately there isn't much of the bowed sound in this pack which originally drew me to Petes work but that doesn't mean I was disappointed. The strings have a body and a character which adds something to a track which I haven't previously heard in string samples.

If I had one criticism, it's that they aren't massively versatile but what they do, they do incredibly well. If you want string samples for emotive music these are highly recommended.

Strings, as we know, are really expensive to record so this set of loops and pads are a godsend. Already being used in a current track of mine they've earned their keep immediately. Looking forward to Vol 2.

A very musical package here with varied styles of strings to use on your music. Either its cinematic, dramatic or peaceful vibe - you choose! Very good tool to add on your studio productions!

Got this in the hope that it was as strong as the vol2 strings as they were excellent.

Not disappointed at all!!Very strong content here. Huge selection and very simply organised so as not to confuse the less musically trained.

You need this.

I have enjoyed using the strings its nice and very moving pieces of real string i think its the bollocks and a must and would recomend that u get this one for real .
I like it because you have stripped down versions and i have used a few pieces already in some of my new tunes brapp Ray keith

A fantastic spread of real string sounds from one of the finest arrangers in the UK. This pack is immediately useful straight out of the tin as phrases in grouped keys. Much more mileage is available to those willing to chop and regroup. Beautifully recorded. Expect to hear these on future productions ;)

Great recordings and top quality harmonies makes this a nice addition to anyone searching for that holy grail of recordings without breaking the bank! Great usability and overall a very impressive package

This is a nice selection of quality warm organic string pads.
The chord progressions work well in a variety of styles and genres, and can be chopped and filtered with any production that requires authentic string sections. Unlike string romplers and synths, these loops are already programmed and engineered to sound good 'out-of-the-box' - so if it's real strings you are after, Real Strings delivers. My only gripe was that I wanted more... but then I have to wait for Vol.2 ;)

Pete Whitfield a legend in his own right, his real strings packs are highly sought after and its worth checking out his blog to see how many artists are credited for using his work.

The main focus for us is the full string loops section of wavs which has a large selection of progressions, and the strip downs are also worth checking. what i enjoy about this and other packs by real strings is the ability to mix up the strings and build seamless arrangements of your own.

What your buying here is a pack which cant be replaced or matched by other string packs, its the real deal.


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