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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Cinematic

SOR Transformation is the ultimate sound pack for the super future producer. Mainstream guys, this is not for you. Robot sounds, computer squeaks and grinding metals. Not your average sound choice in todays music. But as they say.. It's not what you use, it's how you use it. Composers will love the frequencies in this bundle.

A nice selection of sound effects. I enjoyed some of the more resonant granular tones like the cyborg effects and hydraulic movements. There's a a lot of variety here which gives the pack some longevity. Naturally you could use some of the sounds for sound design projects and within your own tracks. Some of the atoms effects are quite other worldy which makes this pack good value.

Resonance Sound delivers a full on Fx pack for loads of applications. The pack is stuffed with loads of unique sound effects, impacts, Atmos and drum shots which are nice and tight. I think the pack can be great for Dnb and Hardcore producers as well as any other style in need of some mechanical mayhem. SOR Transformation offers so many variations and different sounds you can create serious tension in a film, game, or a section in any track or drop. Great pack !

Super useful pack for sound design, games and filmscores plus you can integrate into your music productions with a bit of imagination. High quality sci-fi and futuristic sound design. An essential addition to the sound effects library.

Holy mechanical nuance: from delicate twitching to vault-slam heavy this is thrilling stuff for anyone who's building a sound library that's off the beaten path. The recording quality is supreme and the selection is outstanding. Often surprisingly rhythmical and suggestively melodic - pure inspiration that's strong on every level. For mechanical-based sample collections this is the "desert island one" for me.

Very impressive sound design. All these effects are beautifully crafted and it really feels like cheating. Very suitable for all kinds of heavy dance music and commercial sound design, and a good source of raw sounds to manipulate further into your own designs. Highly recommended if you're making trailer music. Top quality.

Loved this pack, granular nastiness, aggressive hits & and an overall futuristic feel to the whole pack. Useful for layering up for sound design purposes & also using straight out the box. I found the hydraulic movements particularly useful.


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