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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Synths and House

Extensive library of chords & stabs for a variety of styles and genres across various synths and keyboard instruments. Love the 4 different types of sound treatment to give greater sonic variety. Would certainly recommend if you want to add clear rhythmic stabs to any groove.

Does exactly what it says on the tin!It also does it quite well . If you make House,Techno,Drum & Bass,or any music that allows for the use of mice stabs and chord variations,this is a go to pack for just that . Nice variation in processing and clean too,so definitely something for everyone !

Lovely collection of chords and stabs all processed in three different ways beyond the original Clean files (I particularly love the 'Resampled' folders). Most of the stabs are tight chords so there's musicality and emotion in these hits compared to single notes while the chord selections ('chord', 'key' and 'piano') are super loopable / choppable bits of goodness. Excellent addition to any library - Chords & Stabs is a fantastic toolkit.

Absolutely love this pack.. So much you can do and so many layers you can add especially since every thing is key labeled! Crisp and and raw sounds ranging from the 80's until now will make your track more relevant than ever.. Super dope selection!

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that work the best, and this pack of Chords & Stabs from Wave Alchemy is no exception. There is an extensive collection of chords, pads and stabs played on a range of synthesizers, pianos and electric keyboards. Mainly the chords are in Min7 and Maj7, but also in other variations and alternative inversions. The sounds are all keymapped to your sampler so they can be played and manipulated to fit any track. Bottom line is this is a really useful pack to have in your collection - and it sounds great!

Lovely set of chords and stabs. On the face of it is not the most exciting pack in the world but it's one of them things that if you find the right stab you can make a whole track from it. These are great quality bread-and-butter sounds. There's a great selection and all are key tagged. Plenty to choose from. Deffo something for the house producers and something that's nice to have all in one pack

This is exactly what it says on the tin and no more, but it's the only folder of chords & stabs you'll need for a good while! Wave Alchemy are probably one of the most consistent companies for me personally and although simple, this does not let the side down at all. An instant mainstay in my samples folder.

A great pack with loads a different vibes to choose from. This collection of hits and stabs is immense! its seriously strong when it comes to the combinations you can pick that slot in with nearly any style of production your going for. A big thumbs up from us and a great fit into the sample library.


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