You gotta put those hands in the air with that one! Another great pack here, really like the Chords & Percussion Loops, plus these wicked FX Loops! Good potential for creating some hot stuff here :-)

Great selection of grooves with that instantly recognisable 'Swedish House' sound. The pack is perfect for aspiring producers who are into this style of music, but would like some high quality samples to use as a base for their track.

The stems are extracted in a very useful manner, allowing the producer the flexibility to use as little or as many elements of the original track as required.

In terms of sound quality, the loops are tight, punchy and crisp. They are ready to fit into any mix immediately.

Overall an excellent selection of loops, perfect for building those punchy contemporary house grooves.

An interesting twist on sample packs. Great for djs wanting to flex their 'producer muscles' on the dancefloor, producers will find some cool things to mess with. Seems more like 'transition tracks' than big room mixes but very well done nonetheless. Really like having the separate parts as well.

Very well produced mixtools. Although this is not my genre I have made some great edits and loops from this product and I look forward to using them while djing.

I play a lot of this sound now as a DJ and was finding my productions lacking a little in this sound, the drums especially are great and just what i needed for that extra punch!

A great set of sonic tools for all those accapellas and stems of my own tracks i have laying around, perfect for mixing into your DJ set no doubt if you find yourself stuck between a rock and a boring place when it comes to transitioning one track into another seamlessly.

This is a really great package. The sounds are fresh, well produced, versatile and easy to navigate.
These DJ mixtool series are an immense help in the production workshops I do here in San Francisco.
The quality and ease with which these fit the style the package is named after, but other genres as well, make it the perfect addition to the production & teaching tools in my arsenal.
I can't thank you guys enough for putting these out.
I'm already telling my students and the 20 + producers at Moulton Media about these.
Great job.


Chris Lum

Love this series. So useful for everyone from day 1 producers to the big boys. If you find even a few parts you like it is well worth it.
Keep these coming.

Swedish house has dominated the commercial and underground scene with instant success. Big synths, big drums and catchy riffs, if you want to create a track with instant appeal, look no further these samples we defiantly make people move.


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