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Genre: Tech House

Additional Styles: Tech House and Electro House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

Great new collection for house/progressive/techhouse! many drumloops, from groovy house to techy stuff, very useful and comprehensive. the percussion sounds are cool, especially the toms are those you use for current house productions. the kicks collection is fine,one of them moved directly into one of my new productions. There are some multisampled sound, they are ok for a start but you would need more of them. In general a very useful collection for current productions with all you need.top!

This is a collection I will be instantly reaching for in the future. Fresh drum loops and sounds that will give you instant gratification or that inspiration to use on your own productions. Singled out for praise are the drum loops. A vast selection in various tempo's. All are sonically well put together and mixed. The single drum hits section are also worth mentioning if you are more into programming beats from scratch. Everything you need is all there. Full drum kits, separate hits, various percussion and toms, you name it. A greatly usable collection of fresh sounding samples.

This has got to be one of loopmasters best sample packs to date, loaded with everything you need to give you a really current sound! Some great subby basslines that are really well EQ'd and ready to drop into a track. This will give us so much inspiration in the studio, more of this please!!

very cool + useful pack here. Nice mix of everything. My favorite part of this pack are the basslines. I was actually surprised by the great sounds and lines they included on the 125 and 127 bpm bassloops. Very useful and already included one of the sub bass loops in a new tune im working on.

This sample pack is perfect for making tech house! Amazing grooves can be found in this pack, this is an excellent addition to anyone's sample libraries! I am very impressed with this sample pack and hope to see more of this great stuff from Loopmasters! :)

This one has a bit of diversity to the sound. Its nice to find something a bit different and not the same as everyone else out there. You find nice deep bass loops, some real electro synth top-loops and LOADS of bouncy drum loops. As the title implies- its more on the bouncy, groove side than anything else. There are also sounds for your sampler to give you more creativity. It seems to combine a retro sound with the modern. This sample pack is definitely in the "house" category.

loving the huge drum loop folder on this package....lots of drum patterns with and without kicks which will work well in any house track. Some great bass sounds to work with too...!

Quite drum heavy this one but what musical elements there are are good quality. Loads of handy drum loops to sift through which vary widely in groove and feel. My faves here though are the bass loops - very deep and punchy.

Amazing pack from Loopmasters...again! It's perfect for us. There are a lot of melodical parts of the instruments, which can be very usefull in deep house production. As about grooves, bass & drum loops, they're on top! Quality is proper as always! Sample Pack for 'music hits' only!

Ideal mix of sounds for most styles of production. Drums especially well mixed. A good all rounder this pack.

A fantastic arsenal of proper sounds for modern house productions. I've been using many of the the single hits in some of my recent production work and they sound amazing straight off the bat. Everything in here is so crisp and punchy - love it.

verry happy about groove tech samples , the quality of the loop are really amazing ! perfect to give some extra groove . also one shot are really cool !

This one is a real great package of samples! it gives you the inspiration and your tracks a more evolutionary sound. Great loops, fantastic bass and drums sounds make this package a must-have for any studio!


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