Large, larger and massive!!! this pack is brilliant and brings huge offerings of tight snares, big basslines and amazing sound fx. This is well worth it, for the bass alone as its clear, phat and everything you just would want from a sample pack. this is a very high level of production, and gives you total confidence to spruce up your work with the vibe of this sample pack alone. a very big thumbs up from us!

Dabro have dropped a Seriously classy sample package smashed to the hilt with the dirtiest of bass samples and super tight drum loops! Dabro always come good and this is perfect for you Neuro dnb driven bass heads! Particlular mention has to be said for the bass loops, meticulously crafted and high enough quality to use as your main Bassline if your short of inspiration. The extensive set of drum loops and hits is second to none and sets this pack apart, sight, punchy and worthy of any track right across the dnb spectrum!

woaw! Another great pack from Dabro! I often search for good neurofunk pack, and the quality is often random. That is not the case here! Each sample is working well, and allows for immediate inspiration. Always at the top for the sound quality, and the very aggressive sound design! I highly recommend for fans of the genre! I just regret that there are not some presets.

These russinas are mad! I´m a big fan of his samplepack from their beginning. Always pushing to the limit the heaviest side of Dnb. This one is another must to have if you are looking to sound like the current neuro sound. You can find a bunch of very useful hard-hittin drums and heavy basslines.

This is a really good sample pack that can very quickly speed up your work flow with a high quality sound. Especially for those producers who value their time. There are a lot of high-quality sounds and one-shots in the pack.

Dabro is holding up its reputation to cater to the producers who want their sound unapologetically loud and edgy! In most cases with loud and edgy comes a sacrifice in the quality, but not in this case as all sounds are pristinely clean and ready to use! All of the loops and hits are of the highest calibre and no sound goes amiss! With over 1GB of content and sounds spread over many keys, the creative flexibility here is endless. This pack provides the best bang for your buck!

As a big fan of Dabro Music d'n'b samplepacks, I was curious how this neurofunk one sounds - as this "genre" is my all time favourite - and it sounds so good! All of the sounds are razor sharp and easily can fill up the space in your mix. The loops are sounding great and very inspiring, in the moment you feel the track needs some boost or extra element, you can be almost sure you will find something helpful for proper neurofunk banger here. Well organized, marked with key. The FX folder is superb - Ambiences, donwfilters, sweeps, glitches,.. Also vocal phrases are cool. The pack also has a project stems for a few demo tracks, which could be extremely useful for newbie producers!


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