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Genre: Nu Disco

Additional Styles: Funk and Nu Disco


One Shots


Sampler Patches

BPM: 100 - 127

A good array of samples here from percussive to musical to vocal. Very handy for that in vogue modern disco sound with enough scope to build an entire track from. Especially liking the fills and basslines. Well recorded and nicely arranged.

Get ready for some real shiney disco balls… This package is essential for producing nu-disco tracks. All elements are there too create today's sound with a touch of disco. Loops, instruments, vocals it's all there. One little thing; the vocal samples, which are quite good by the way, are recorded with FX, i rather had them dry. But don't let that minor detail stop you from purchasing this package. I am sure you will like it.

Very nice package that has inside all the basic elements to create funky groovy nu-disco productions. Cool baselines, midi piano melodies, kicks & FX's that can be used for sure to add some funk on your tunes!

here i found some elements and sounds, that are very very inspiring, also i love the quality of those recordings. you dont need to make pure disco with them, if you use your imagination, everything can be done from this basis... very cool.

I was impressed by the diversity of this pack,loads of useful loops,great drum sounds and synths,would recomend it if your looking for sounds to give your production some authentic disco vibes.

A fine selection of quality samples here. With enough scope to squeeze into any track which is what I like. Production is good and clean too. This is sure to inspire you productions.

One fine and rather diverse sample pack here! The basslines, synths and loops are very inspirational
and for so inviting. The drums and percussion hits are very interesting and useful. i am already using the drum hits to create my own loops on my tracks!!! Thumbs up for this high quality pack!!!

A nice selection of samples aimed at Nu-Disco producers. Being the House edition a lot of the samples would work just as well in house productions. There is a good selection of live drum & percussion loops and some excellent vocal lines that are always a welcome addition to any producers sample library. The live bass & guitar samples are also very useful. Overall a fairly comprehensive pack. recommended!

Man , this has got to be one of the finest selection of snares and claps you guys have put out ! Loving the processed and effect drums too, instantly usable stuff there. Some of the guitar loops are wicked too, def gonna be using grabbing some of these ! Not sure about the vocals though, she has a great voice but little bit on the cheese side..Overall though, brilliant pack:)

Had a play with this to try and do something different, and there's pretty much everything here you need to put together some cool Nu- Disco, not what we make but some refreshing sounds to try and give your tracks a different edge depending on what you're making. There's a nice balance of riffs and drums, although a little light on the FX. Good pack!

The loops in this pack are beyond good, if you like the current Nu Disco / Deep House sound you should definitely check this pack out. High Quality Bass, Synth & Lead loops are very catchy... Highly recommended...

As always, Loopmasters provides me with a sample pack that makes my classes, sets or moments in the studio easy and to the point. I especially find this pack helpful when doing classes at Moulton. It allows me to grab an incredible sounding part and get straight to the demonstration at hand without much fussing about with sound sourcing, synth tweeking or long drum programming. The sounds are creative, fresh, easy to use and always on point. Thanks again...

I wanted to check this out for the drums as I was looking for some nice bongo and conga loops as I have found a lot of the other sample instruments have a lot of tribal sound drums and I was looking for some more simple pattern and this pack was bang on the money. Really good quality. I will use these a lot :)

Some super sounds and great textures that really give life to ideas quickly. I love packs like this that let you develop a song whilst the inspiration is still there and everything is flowing.


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