Exuding power, warmth and fatness, this is another strong pack for any Serum user. All i can say is that this preset pack is absolutely crazy! One of the best ones out there. I genuinely liked every single preset! It blows me away how massive this entire pack it's done.

Fantastic pack with tonnes of great sounds. The bass sounds are exceptional and sound great. The patches are well thought out, 76 in total so plenty of fun to be had! overall a brilliant source of inspiration, offering a wide selection of sounds to help with your production. A huge thumbs up once again!

I have been testing this pack and its just huge!. Basses already sound so phat and powerfull without any post processing. I love how Dabro always bring the current sound of dnb in their packs. Its so helpful to discover new techniques to apply to your own presets.

Amazing pack with tons of fantastic sounding presets. The depth and thought of these sounds is incredible, they really do what it says on the tin but with a level high end sounds that other preset packs don't give you. The bass selection is particularly great and defo worth a look in our opinions.

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