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Genre: Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Breaks, Drums, Downtempo, and Hip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 78 - 132

Atmospheric Vinyl Breaks by Loopmasters gives you vintage break beats with a serious spaced out feel. The 90's are back in a new way.. So man up and buy this sound pack! Trust me, you won't regret it!


I love packs like this with really unique and organic sounds. It really helps to pad tracks out with that background distortion sounds needed to give a more analog feel to digital tracks. A great selection of loops and some quality one hit drums too. Very nice pack indeed.

I'm loving the tough, gritty vibe of the drum breaks in this pack. There's a pretty wide variety of styles and tempos so it's perfect for someone like me who finds beatmanship a bit of a chore sometimes.
So good I was really disappointed there wasn't more. I'd also be interested to hear a musical edition to this series. Good stuff

beautiful programming and manipulation of sounds to make some really vibey beats , the loops deff get the ideas flowing.Really worth a look .
nice to have all the loops and then the individual sounds , prob my only criticism would be nice to have a bounce of the full loops without the vinyl crackle on a couple of them that have that sound pretty loud in the mix , but saying that you can re-program it without from the stripped down parts if need be so its not a big thing . deffo a dope pack.
hope they do a few more of these !

Some of the warmest breaks iv heard in a long time, the fact you can have the stems for each individual break including the vinyl fuzz noise is a great touch. All the breaks are very different from one another so theres alot of choice and pretty much anything for anyone. These breaks are so worth having in your collection, as we all know breaks which havnt been rinsed are hard to come by, grab it now! 10/10

Another special pack by Loopmasters. Big selection of loops with different tempos and such a warm sound. Totally in love with the live Organic drum sounds. Sampler patches folder makes the life much more easier. Worth checking out for all types of producers.

A Ridiculously great break pack. Full of hits and loops. A variety of tempos that can adjusted and recut for dnb. The breaks have great groove and feel and a nice depth and texture. A must for break collectors or producers looking for something with a little warmth.

This is a pack full of very well recorded useable sounds and loops. Perfect for those who want a quick beat to get them up and running. Lots of the loops sound new but are underpinned with vinyl crackle so the name might be a little misleading to some but there is plenty here to keep you going. It's a great value collection with good sonic quality and lots of character.

The title explains it all! Super dope breaks in this pack that aren't your typically loops that are recycled time and time again.. They have a nice live feel without the cheesy live drums.. They're rough, ruggged and raw! I've already used a few myself!

These breaks have so much character and mojo within that they just ooze musicality along with swagger, grit and everything else breaks dreams are made of. Separate elements in the Construction folders are super-useful dissections of individual parts as well as revealing some of the magic behind these beats yet every time I hear the composite Full loops it's like a sonic magic trick: that's how damn good these breaks are.


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