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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Tech House, Techno, and Artist Series


One Shots

Sampler Patches

Synth Presets

BPM: 125 - 127

Absolutely amazing! 3 gb of great sounds, the top loops are great, very housy stuff! There are also a nice bass loops section, subby or more electronic. A great selection of samples shots too like kicks, hihat etc. If you are a tech house producer, this is exactly what you need !

Can you marry a sample-pack? In that case, I'll take this one for my wife! This pack is absolutely essential, if you're looking to put in some groove to your tracks!

Easily categorized and labeled with BPM, ready to drag right into your DAW. I had high expectations for this pack - my appreciation after trying it out is even higher!

Deep house seems to be back in a fairly big way. I dont think the current EDM sound is going anywhere but everything comes around...so now its time for some 90's deep house sounds mixed with new flavors of today. This release from UMEK is pretty cool. A mixture of deep and tech with a little bit of the current sound for good measure. You get loads to chose from including bass loops, drum loops, fills, fx, fx hits, build ups, bass/chord/lead multis and drum singles as well.

I've always been a huge fan of this techno genius and wanted to get my hands on how he makes though fat crunchy percussion. I now have my hans on his tools of the trade and a lot more in this package.
The quality of these are outstanding, he's taken pride in making these something I'm most impressed with.

UMEK's Loops from Behind the Iron Curtain is one inspiring gallore of loops and presets that are both flexible to use and handy to boost any Techno and Tech-oriented production.
What's most inviting in this collection is the good-sized one-shot sounds and the variety of loops, ranging from Drums and Hats to Kicks, Multi-sampled Basses and Instruments to witty effects and fiery synths. Some nicely textured leads and presets to add extra texture and vibe.
Definitely recommended amd thumbs up for the quality sounds.

Umek is without doubt one of the best producers in the techno scene and i can guarantee many producers around the world were smiling from ear to ear when they seen a pack from the legend. as you would expect this pack has everything you need to create professional techno & tech house music that sounds amazing.Nearly 3 gig in size this pack is a monster with his typical driving basslines to funky percussions. A great pack and probably one of the best collections i have heard.

Umek doing the business here with a very comprehensive and exciting selection of samples, patches, loops and effects all in his signature sound. Not only has he supplied plenty of audio loops for you to drop straight into your DAW but there's also a great selection of Maschine, Reaktor and Sylenth patches here as well as all the standard ones. Loads of great drum fills, SFX, Chord and synth stabs.. this is one of the fullest and most varied packs out there right now.

What can you expect from a great producer? A great pack! Just the loops alone are worth it! This pack has tons of folders from multis to drum hits, and music loops to sample patches.. The quality of this pack is what stands out for me.. The sounds are very true and authentic for the underground! There is much to made with this pack! Excellent job!

Quality loops from UMEK, full of top notch groove and bounce
Big fan of the techno sound and amazing quality

Lots to choose from,it's a massive pack!
100% recommended for anyone in any genre.

UMEK is not only a highly skilled producer, he’s also managed to put together a versatile and super useful sample pack. It is easy to hear the attention to detail and while it does contain a lot of delicious groove it will easy fit in many different styles of electronic dance music. I especially like the melody loops and the top loops, which hardly need any processing to work in the mix. Essential!

This is really good. The super Slovenian has put a lot of material into this pack and it's all good stuff. Stack loads of drums, loops and separated sounds dominate and are my pick of the pack. The synths and musical elements are the only things I thought held if off a 10 score. Thumbs up from me though

This collection is dope! super fat, dirty, grungy samples and loops, tons of good material for any kind of house production. I love this pack, it has its very own unique vibe which you don't find often. It has a lot of 'Umek' but never goes too far into only one direction soundwise. Love it!


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