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Genre: Dubstep

Additional Styles: Artist Series, Dubstep, and Sound Archives


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 130 - 140

Very excited about this sample CD. Certainly some of the best snare hits around and without doubt some frickin' huge bass hits. If this doesn't bring out your inner 'wobble', then nothing will.

Great dubstep collection- for the hottest genre out now. Killer basslines, though I wish there were more. The music loops are all piano/string based. Beats are good as well. Synth loops are good but sparse. Overall, a great mix of sounds....you can definitely get a bunch of tracks done with this dubstep collection.

High energy pack with a savage range of all the things you need to make a Rankin'esque tearout masterpiece. There's no wasteage in here. All sounds are hi-fi and useable in the extreme. I haven't checked the loops but the single shots are great - have been looking for that dubstep snare for a while...

Very fresh release by Hugh Rankin. Some great Dubstep bits in this sample pack. Dubstep is red hot and this will be useful for producers looking for the Dubstep style.

High Rankin Dubstep Tearout is the freshest sample pack around from loopmasters to date! ... even lending itself to electro, house , hardcore and drum & bass .. its a complete must for all music producers ..!

This pack has exactly what you'd expect. Ball tearing sounds and face smashing drums. I used a whole swag of them in a tune that had nothing to do with dubstep too and they gave the whole thing a meaner edge. High Rankin has raised the bar again.

Great! one of the better dubstep sample packs. very clean sounds, good variety of beats and fx.

high rankin smashes it with lots of bassline madness !
pretty much does exactly what the title says , some great stuff if ya wanna tear out the wobbles.
lots of wicked vibey leads and other sounds in there as well to add atmosphere. over all a really useful current sounding pack .

Another Great Loopmasters sample pack!! All the sounds on here are the real deal and what Dubstep producers will be looking for. Even if you are making house or breaks as well, there are also some killer beats, basses and loops for you on here. It's great when you flick through a sample pack and every sound is useable rather than maybe 1 out of every 10...You need this sample pack in your life!!

High Rankin Dubstep TearOut! says it all if you ask me :D What an amazing package of sonic goodies. This producer package is rammed with some serious dirty filthy basslines to crispy fat breaks and the synths are super!! Although this is a dubstep package it can be used for so many styles and is a perfect must for any alternative and mainstream musician. 10 out of 10 for this fine masterpiece

A fresh & updated sample kit for all you Dubstep style producers! We liked the variety here of the drumloops, basslines & synths that we could add & use in our studio producrtion work :-)


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