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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Drums, Techno, and House

Have found myself coming back to this pack again and again in recent sessions in the studio

The drums are the strongest part of this pack in my opinion...

Very current and future proof as a package so get involved 10/10

A very creative, big-sized pack that includes some finely crafted drum sounds.
This is a must-have library of percussion as well as drum sounds from top notch sources that could become platform to almost any genre of electronic music.

I definitely favour the Drum Tools and the Drum machine collection and currently in use in some of my productions.

Wow, what a collection!! This library is something that any producer should have. There are a lot of cool drums for every kind of electronic music, from techno to house and more. Particularly i love 909 and 808 drums, great sampling!!

Love the quality of these samples. Clearly a lot of love and attention went into making these sounds. I especially love the 808 sounds recorded on Studer tape, but everything else is golden too. Can't recommend this pack enough. It costs more than your average pack, but it's great value for money and you'll be sorted for life.

Right, there is not much to say about this pack, It's a MUST have for every single producers. Doesn't matter what your genre is if you produce your own loops and grooves you should get this pack. You will understand why it's a little pricy once you buy and listen to the sounds. But trust me its well worth it...

Well you can't get any more complete then this over stuff drum pack. With 2gig's of drum sounds this huge collection of multi purpose shots and hits will be a go to pack for any producer looking to beef up there drum library. This sample pack is loaded to the max with a wide array of modern and vintage sounding drum tools to create and devastate any rhythm track in any style. You need some ammo ?
This pack is open for business.

The depth of Complete Drums is dizzying. For those of us who fetishize Drums there can never be too many samples on hand and for individual anlog-based hits this is the holy grail. Consider the number of possible combinations and layering one could do with these.... (head explodes). The 'classic' kits are the extreme minority here and there is So much rare / new terrain to explore. A word on the 'Paperskins Snare Toolkit': I've got plenty of similar concept layer kits for kick drums but this focus on snares is awesome. Drum Tools, Synth Drums, Drum Machines .. I'll be using Complete Drums a Lot: 10/10.

Enormous pack of well organised drum hits for all occasions. Perfect for careful sonic layering or that quick solution. Love the addition of tape saturated drum hits giving warmth and tonal colour to the production sound palette. Essential drum pack!

With a little creativity,this pack is close to all you need if the sonics are in your preference . They indeed are in mine . Very well rounded and to the point of more than what you need ! Essential

Gargantuan collection spanning all styles and genres. Well organised and meticulously produced. This is the Grand Daddy of all Drum sample pack collections. A studio essential!

This is pretty much everything you need as far as synthesised drums go. A hefty array of impeccably well tailored drum hits. This will be the automatic default drum hit source for anyone who has it for a long time to come, there's more than enough to keep you satisfied for years! I would fully recommend this to anyone who makes any genre of electronic music. Essential!


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