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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House

Massive buildup FX.. Just what the doctor ordered! I've been looking for that extra hook to build my breaks in my more Clubby Productions and this totally sorts me out.

This pack is awesome and just what I needed to freshen up my productions. It has quality loops and FX throughout and is one of the best I have came across. excellent job and one I would recommend 100%

You can never have enough whooshing sounds at your disposal when making tunes, and these do exactly what they say on the box. These will save me massive amounts of time, and the variety is fantastic.

I kinda need an "11" option to rate this pack! PBB are totally on fire with the sample library stuff at the moment, what with Rises, Twist, and now House Builds and Breakdowns, all designed with such brilliant precision and adaptability. Fantastic stuff, YOU NEED THIS!

Didn't know what to expect with this one but there a decent selection of musical riffs and wobbles that can be used in or out of a build or breakdown!

An excellent pack of fresh & very current elements that for sure can be used for any top quality electronic music production! The FX's, buildup storming sounds & loops here are totally working it :-) Get ready to get blown away at your studio with this one!

A really solid pack. Has pretty much everything you need for making build ups in any genre, not just house. There is almost infinite potential as well when you start layering them up and having the weave about in between each other. Really pleased with this. Great work.

Push Button Bang is really doing a great job on their releases - and this one just adds to the list. Many of the "breakdown" or "effects" style releases from other companies are very similar and have a lot of the same content- but not in this one. It contains so much original and creative sound effects and noises to make your tracks 'pop' out youll be scratching your head how they came up with some of this stuff. Another great thing about HB&B is that all the tracks are really labeled properly and makes it easy for end user. They show the tempo, the name/style and the key. Even for effects- it makes it easier & faster to use. There is also a great diversity- not just one style. Everything I review REALLY gets used in big commercial projects- and you can hear the difference!

An excellent array of those sounds and fx that you never really notice in a track until you take them out, leaving a big ugly hole.

Although the pack is geared towards a house tempo, the samples are ideal for a genre like drum & bass which is really 'drop' focused.

Pretty much everything in this pack is usable almost instantly, and having rex loops means they'll fit our projects out of the box.

We particularly like the rhythmic build components, as taking samples at a house tempo and fitting them to drum & bass often produces really interesting results.

The overall quality of the samples is excellent.

Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best, but then to keep simple ideas interesting you need to use complex effects.
This sample pack provides the tools for taking your music to the next level and more. Like the title says you get some great build ups and breakdowns to compliment your tracks, but you also get loads of cool glitchy fx and off keys drums and synths to get creative with.
You can never have enough decent sound effects in your collection and these are at a standard of quality that will be your first port of call when adding that extra spice to the mix.

Must have to build and finish off your house tunes. Push Button Bang make it easy to take your tune to another level. Builds and breaks can be tough but this makes it an easy task.

Some very useful risers, atmospheres and effects in this pack which would come in very handy for those without the right tools to create them from scratch themselves... these provide the icing on the cake to take your track from almost finished to absolute belter!!

Some very handy samples in this Library, a must for anyone trying to get the most out of a breakdown! A huge variety of sounds for all parts of the perfect break.

I was absolutely amazed at the quality and creativeness of the sound FX made is this pack! I thought that maybe there would be a couple that I would like to used but I was happily surprised to find plenty of FX that are good for many breakdowns and builds. I think I will be using this sample pack for at least a full year!

This package does exact what it says on the tin. Essential sounds that give your production just that little extra. Use them myself for a while now to good satisfaction.

Very complete pack for house breakdowns for sure. There are a lot of things I wouldn't have thought to use in a breakdown that will be easily layerable in this pack. Some vocals, good risers, white noises and more.


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