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Genre: World

Additional Styles: Percussion and World

Excellent collection of useful sounds here, good varied selection of percussions, very well played and nicely recorded. Very helpful to liven up your tracks, great to add energy or vibe.
Definitely recommended if you're into percussions or are looking for good, clean conventional, as well as not so conventional sounds for your productions, these will suit any genre and sound tight in any situation.
8/10 because I wish there was more !

Solid collection of drum hits and loops for all styles of music - i've made particular use of the shakers and congas. Also a fairly vast array of percussive FX, which are often very tricky to find.

Find much music too "clinical" these days? Add some live feel to your music with this pack. Well recorded and masterfully played, the next best thing is to have Pete Lockett as your roomate and Real World as your home studio!

throughout the whole collection good material - i like the variety, from basic stuff to inspiring loops. If you are looking for some nice grooves or real sounding additiosn for your music, you should have a listen. greast loops. 24bit sound quality and if you use the Rex2 Loops even independent from tempo...like it!

Solid sample pack here that will work across many genres. Live percussion can add a lot of flavor to a track and there is plenty to pick from in this release.

Coming from a very synthetic style, I am always in search of more organic and natural sounds to help expand my productions. Normally any sample pack under the 'exotic' guise is full of unusable loops and hits that sound great on their own but do not play well with others. Pete Lockett's World Percussion is like tribal glue for my typically ultra-synthetic songs. All sounds and loops are presented at an absolutely impeccable level of sound quality and recording. The clips are all edited so perfectly that they instantly warp correctly within Ableton. This, by itself, is a standout feature but combined with the quality of phrases and hits this pack has become a mainstay for me.

Pete has done a real great job. For me as a producer i work in various genres. But also if you are into electronic dance music you might find a cool loop here and there in this package. And hey! Don't you just want a legendary percussionist playing on your tracks )))

Beautifully played and recorded collection of percussion loops. I found the tambourine and shaker samples particularly useful for adding extra groove to dance music drums. The ambience in the recordings is very natural and subtle making it easy to chop up the loops and add reverb to taste whilst sounding coherent.

Peerless and flawless live percussion performances, it's self evident why Mr Lockett is so sought after in the industry. With REX and WAV loops conveniently grouped into ensembles and solo instruments, this pack should cover every genre and then some. Some really impressive cinematic low end drums and dramatic rhythms for game/film scoring too. You need this in your library!

this pack is like having a percussionist (with a shed full of drums and things you can bang and shake from all corners of the globe) in your studio waiting for instruction. Nice sounds and textures with organic loops in purest form.

Excellent percussion package. All of them sounds juicy and very detailed. Top percussion pack!

This pack is JAMMED (no pun intended) full of great sounding percussion. A go to resource for getting different rhythms and flavours working through songs. Particualarly love the taiko drums!


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