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Genre: Dubstep

Additional Styles: Dubstep

This is one amazing sample set. Top notch production & top notch sounds. This sample set will kick up anything you working on related to dubstep. The drum loops all have hard kicks & crunchy snares. The stereo field is amazing on the loops- great width. The way everything is broken down is well thought out as well. Although this is mainly designed for dubstep- you can use these sounds for any type of electronic dance music. Push Button Bang did an amazing job on this one- highly recommended !

I am a huge fan of the first Dark Dub and am impressed by the sequel too. One of my favourite collections ever. I'm a fan of one shot samples and Dark Dub 2 provides loads in all areas. The kiks are phat, the snares (or snaps) are punchy and the basses are different from the stock sounds you've heard before. Recommended.

Vegetarians walk the other way! Frack me, these Drum hits are meaty! And the bass loops and hits are absolutely wubbly. Probably more samples and loops than you'll ever need to get the moodiest Dubstep grooves rolling in the Studio. I've been auditioning packs for hours..and this is a real winner!

all in there! i love the range and variety of all sound banks, sounds all phat and nasty and can go even into other genres' productions without any problems. big ups for the comprehensive collection, also the bonus pack does its thing, loads of ideas in there!

With dubstep finding it's way into other genres of electronic music, this is an absolute MUST HAVE for any producer that wants to add invention and originality to their productions

There really is something in here for everyone - if you want those bass-lines with the big LFOs, filthy lead sounds and cutting percussion, look no further.

A very forward thinking sample pack that'll be certain to give your productions a fresh edge

Dub Dark 2 wow what an amazing producer package this is by far one of the best alternative Dub packages so far. The production is awsome and this will be a great tool for any Dub artist today . I highly recomend this package for those into the alternative Dub scene from its bass sounds and loops to the filthy dirty amazing ripping synths and tone-loops to the sublime vocal soundfx and the list goes on. Welcome to the future of Dub Music welcome to Dark Dub/2 i rate this 10 out of 10 !!!

First impressions of this sample pack was that it could possibly contain your classic some what boring dubbed out samples which we have all heard before.

I was surprisingly shocked to find inside it hard a great fresh dub sample sound, great bass-lines and even better drumbeats to mess with. There is alot of dub sound sample packs out there but this is one of the better one's.

If your want to delve into the deep world of dub then look no further, start here.

clean tidy and wide samples here, with good sounding snares and shuffles .. i found the rhythm fx loops to be very useful as you don't find many good ones in most sample packs :)

This is a must have for those who like there dub dnb and deeper grooves, you get it all bass hits and loops drum loops and hits, fxs, tonal sounds and vocal chops. Everything is well laid out and easy to find. also check the bonus combination stems and the rex loops.

I love this series so much for so little, i just keep digging up little sounds and atmospherics in here and drenching them in more effects.

You cant go wrong with this as your number 1 dub resource.

Killer pack with a wide range of ultra useful tools. 'Dark Dub 2' is an audio playground of total quality and diversity. It's rare that I hear a sample pack that single-handedly contains enough fire to make entire tracks with and this is one of those packs: stellar hits, inspired loops, and microcosms of tops, phrases, builds etc. Get out your chopping tools and sculpt these into whatever genre you're pushing forward on .. Top notch.


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