Techno and Tech House Production in Live by Paul Maddox
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This course is a must-see for anyone wanting to learn the secrets of tech house or techno production. The lessons provide a thorough, in-depth guide to constructing a banging dancefloor filler, from one of the most respected producers of the last decade, Paul Maddox.

With numerous releases under his own name and also his co-productions as Spektre, on labels like Data, Positiva, Tidy and Viscious, his tracks have seen support from revered DJs such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and James Zabiela. On this course, Paul shares the secrets of his success, uncovering his methodical and clever approach to producing slamming techno and house.

Accompanying the lessons is a download pack containing the Live set made throughout the course, as well as a huge pack of free bonus samples.

Check out the Track made on the course, Let You Go, as well as the Free Sample Module below for an example of the lesson format and structure.

Module Details

1. Creating the Low Frequency Drums and Bass

In this lesson, Paul shows how to create the bass parts in the track, those being the kick drum, and sub and percussive basslines. A pounding kick is made by layering drums together, then adjusting the frequencies and amplitude envelopes accordingly, after which a modulating sub bassline is made with Operator and a pitched down, sliced percussion part is sequenced and processed to add further rhythmic interest and groove. The parts are all then processed together, to help them gel, add extra warmth and fatness to the very bottom end.

2. Adding High Frequency Drums

This module shows how to create the upper frequency drums and percussion parts, such as hi hats, shaker and claps. Parts are sequenced, mixed and processed, then enhanced with additional loops, which are shaped and moulded to slot perfectly into the track. The timing and groove of drums is then adjusted accordingly, so that all parts are suitable synchronised. Finally, a ride cymbal is added on top, which is panned and delayed to create extra width, as well as sidechained to provide more energy and dynamic interest.

3. Making Synth and Vocal Parts

In this module, Paul creates melodic parts to go with the track, starting with a synth lead, made by layering two of Live's instruments together to produce a detroit-style, stabbed chord sound, which is then sequenced into several different MIDI patterns and processed with effects. A vocal loop is then chopped up onto several pads of a drum rack, which is then programmed to create another catchy hook, as well as processed and mixed.

4. Arranging Part I - Laying Out and Automation

This lesson provides a lengthy guide to laying out the track, initially by creating the basic foundations, then by more detailed editing, to create automated mixer and device parameter sequences, which help develop parts and smoothly blend from one section to another.

5. Arranging Part II - Adding FX

In this module, Paul demonstrates how to add effects parts to an arrangement, using conventional and more diverse techniques, to help build energy and create more impact and atmosphere in the track. Simple, affected percussion parts are added, a fill is resequenced and processed, and unique FX sounds are made using Live's instruments and by resampling existing audio in the track.

6. Final Mixing and Mastering

This module shows how to carry out final checks and alterations to the arrangement, then how to complete the mixing stage, getting the levels exactly right. Once the mixdown is complete, Paul creates pre-mastered (for external mastering) and mastered (for playing out) versions of the track.



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