Part 2: Adding Foley and Developing the DnB Groove with colo[r]
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Additional Styles: Drum and Bass

Throughout this course, producers Chris Octane and Liam O’Mullane invite you to join them in the studio, where you can observe their methods and advanced techniques for creating a serious Drum and Bass groove. Currently producing as part of newly formed outfit ‘colo[r]’, Chris and Liam bring together a veritable mountain of experience in electronic music production, DJing and sound design.

In this second instalment, the duo develop the groove they started in part 1, embellishing with extra samples and loops, which are edited and mixed in realtime. Foley is then added, recorded in an outdoors location near the studio, which is combined with a new chords sequence to form an atmospheric intro. Additional arrangement is then carried out, as well as vocal recording and processing, until the track starts to really take shape.

In addition to the streamed movies, the Live project from the course is supplied as a download, along with over 100MB of DnB samples from Loopmasters. For more information, check out the course trailer and sample module, or listen to the track from the course below.


Module 1: Extending the Groove

In this module, colo[r] add additional bass samples to the groove, showing various editing techniques along the way and processing sounds with effects to maintain a cohesive and unified sound.

Module 2 - Micro Mixing and Continued Groove Extension

This module starts with some project organising and micro mixing, focussing predominantly on the bottom end. The groove is then extended once again, this time with an extra drum loop shuffle.

Module 3 - Final Groove Extension

The arrangement starts to take shape in this module, as colo[r] lay out a secondary groove section that incorporates the new drum loop. All parts are then edited and processed with different effects and automation, to add further character and interest.

Module 4 - Field Recording - recording, importing and slicing

This module provides an overview of the foley recording, then spends some time reviewing the recordings and selecting suitable parts to use.

Module 5 - Adding Foley to the Arrangement and Making the Intro

In this module, colo[r] add the new foley clips to the arrangement and show how to edit and process them to start building a cool intro.

Module 6 - Creating the Chords Sequence/Main Melodic Hook

This module begins by working out and recording the main chords sequence, which is then used to trigger multiple chains in an instrument rack, containing various instruments that are processed in unique ways to create a blend of melodic elements for the intro.

Module 7 - Continued Intro Building

More editing and refining techniques are shown in this module, looking at how to retune and improve the sound of the lead, as well add width. Then, hats and foley are arranged to create an atmospheric start to the track.

Module 8 - More Tweaking and Vocal Recording

In this final module, the bass is fattened with wave shaping and other effects, after which a vocal is sung by Liam, which is then edited and used to further embellish the intro. There is then a brief summary of the main achievements of this part of the course.


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