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The secret to achieving a professional sounding mix lies in the producer’s ability to manipulate the dynamics, frequencies and width of tracks. In this comprehensive set of courses, you’ll learn to truly grasp the fundamental principles of compression, EQ and stereo width, as well as learn how to record, process and arrange vocals, with expert knowledge from certified trainer Rob Jones and professional engineers Nick D’Ombrain and Ian Bland.

Complete Guide to Compression in Live by Rob Jones

Much used but rarely fully understood, compression is an incredible tool utilised by audio professionals in every field. With visual and aural demonstrations, comprehensive notes and an informative commentary, these detailed lessons will give you a thorough understanding of this powerful technique.

Complete Guide to EQ by Nick D’Ombrain

Professional engineer and Zeitgeist Mastering owner Nick D’Ombrain delivers a high quality, comprehensive course covering one of the most important aspects of music production, EQ. In addition to the 5 hours of tutorials, Nick provides various graphical illustrations in pdf format for reference too.

Complete Guide to Stereo Width

In this course, Senior Tutor Rob Jones will arm you with all the knowledge you need to tackle stereo mixing. With a comprehensive look at how various Live effects can affect stereo width, as well as a guide on how to construct customisable Ableton Live Effect Racks, this course is a must for any producer looking to create huge, wide-sounding mixes.

Producer's Guide to Vocals

A good vocal has the power to transform a decent track into an unforgettable global hit, and this course will provide all the knowledge you need to write, record and process your very own vocals. Delivering the tutorials is Ian Bland, a hugely respected producer, who has remixed the likes of Prince, Bizarre Inc and Queen, re-working and mixing some of the most famous voices in pop.

The Courses included in this bundle are as follows:

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  • 10 Hours of Streamed Tutorials
  • Written Material with courses
  • 2 Live Projects
  • 10 Live FX Racks

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Complete Guide To Stereo Width by Rob Jones

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