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Techno Odyssey Bundle

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Feed your sampler with Blind Audio’s Techno Odyssey Bundle. A collection of 8 of our best Techno packs brought together and discounted at a whopping 80%! That’s a saving of more than £95! Together these packs offer a slew of interesting and unique sample content; we don’t just offer the usual run-of-the mill sounds either, our packs contain plenty of experimentation and grit designed to add character and vibe to your music. Inside each pack, you’ll find plenty of hits and loops recorded with our lineup of analog, FM, and modular synths, warm processing, and advanced DSP.

Here’s what’s on offer:

Future Noir - Techno

Inspired by DIY techno pioneers and boundary-blurring experimentalists, Future Noir offers a character-driven selection of sonics that will help your next tracks stand out from the crowd. Embrace the unconventional, explore new sonic horizons, and create beats that captivate and inspire.

Parallel World - Electro Tech

Step into a realm where the echoes of classic electro intertwine with the avant-garde beauty of IDM, resulting in a tapestry of sound crafted using a fusion of premium analog equipment and raw modular synths. Embark on an immersive sonic adventure unlike any other. Parallel Worlds - Electro Tech invites you to explore a rich tapestry of soundscapes oscillating between nostalgia and innovation.

Lo-Fi Tech - FM Drums

Bold, tekky, and all dirtied up - Blind Audio introduces Lo-Fi Tech - FM Drums, a solid selection of colourful drum samples that hit hard in all the right places. Inside you’ll find a collection of big kicks, snappy snares, clanging hi-hats, and a slew of percussion and FX that will have you dipping back into this pack for years to come. These drums were made using a powerful hardware FM synth and further processed with some nice and dirty FX.

Psychedelic Acid Techno

Step into a new world of sound made possible with a raw fusion of acid and psy-trance. For the experimentalists and techno heads, this unique blend of genres offers up a colourful palette of sample content - the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing. At the heart, you’ll find a slew of twisted hand-modulated 303s, trippy modular synth sequences, bold basslines, textured drums, and more.

Regolith - Industrial EBM

Journey into the deepest, darkest depths of industrial dance music. Find a brutal mix of harsh electronic body music, noise, and raw industrial techno - all blended together and presented as an essential sample collection, suited only for the darkest of dancefloors. We've taken raw modular synths, pounding drums, harsh digital corruption, and a healthy helping of gnarly analogue distortion, and presented it as a sonic cocktail, filled to the brim with all-out destruction!

Nubilous - Slowed Techno

Prepare for a slothful and hazy journey through hypnotic 100 BPM techno with these specially prepared techno tools. With Nubilous, you'll find a selection of slowed 4/4 beats, plastic modular melodics, hypnotic rolling basslines, and eerie granular vocals - all wrapped up in a blend of influences including minimal techno, ambient, and IDM.

lapyx – IDM & Glitch

Iapyx embraces the no-rules-required ethos of IDM to provide a chaotic yet melodic look into the stranger side of electronic music. Crunchy digital glitches & classic IDM beats are joined by complex, semi-random synth lines that were created using probability-based sequencers and generative modular synth patches. The result is an extremely textured selection of sounds that will feel right at home in a multitude of genres.

Nemesis - Modular Drums

patched and created by hand using a small Eurorack modular system. These sounds were designed using a mixture of classic analog synth modules and complex digital percussion voices. Further mixing and sculpting was performed within the rack using analog filters, complex ring modulation, LPGs, wavefolding, & distortion. The resulting oneshots are raw and without external processing, everything you hear comes directly from the rack. Nemesis offers a fresh, and ultimately useful drum palette that covers both classic ‘drum machine’ style analog drum hits and modern percussion that will stand out in your mix.

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