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Progressive Aura
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Genre: Progressive House

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One Shots


BPM: 125

Blurring the lines between beauty and atmosphere, Progressive Aura whisks you away into a euphoric world of uplifting synths, refreshing chords and enticing melodies. With a wealth of potential this Progressive House sample library delivers an abundance of inspiration defying the test of time.

The range of production possibilities is endless with Progressive Aura from Zenhiser, delve into the haze ridden depths of this masterpiece for instant click and grab gratification.  Inside this heavenly exploration you’ll find all you need to create, build and master the world of ethereal Progressive House. 474 sounds, loops and stems broaden your sonic range dishing out everything from the smallest percussive sound to evolving full mix stems. Midi explores new possibilities of production with both Song Starters and Full Mix Loops covered. A cleverly focused collection of both side chained and non side chained loops ensures your choice of production technique whilst a plethora of one shots from drum sounds to FX adds the programming icing on the cake. Progressive Aura clocks in at just over 4.6GB of content, this immense amount of sample catalogue makes Zenhiser’s packs the go to choice for supercharging your studio. So if you’re looking for articulated rhythmic elements, climatic backgrounds, turned-on melodies, blissful progressions and a full state of exhilaration then this is the sample pack for you.

All loops and samples are digitally delivered in 24-Bit Wav. BPM across the pack is 125bpm ensuring cross compatibility of samples with Midi included as standard. All noted and tempo related sounds are name tagged and the zip files have been ridiculously compressed to reduce download time. So intoxicate yourself today with what could be the most elated collection of Progressive House samples to date.

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  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 3.2GB
  • 474 Total Samples
  • 78 MIDI Files
  • 21 Kicks
  • 20 Claps
  • 25 Cymbals
  • 20 Hi Hats
  • 25 Percussion
  • 38 Basslines
  • 75 Drum Beats
  • 20 Full Mixes
  • 54 Lead Loops
  • 58 MIDI Loop Files
  • 58 Pluck Chord Loops
  • 50 FX
  • 5 Song Starters totalling 88 (includes full mixes, midi, individual drums, basslines, synths, melodies, pads, fx, plucks and more)


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  • ZIP (main)
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    • Total Samples - 474
    • Total Midi - 78
    • Zip Size: 3.2GB
    • Drums - 01 Kicks - 21
    • Drums - 02 Claps - 20
    • Drums - 03 Cymbals - 25
    • Drums - 04 Hi Hats - 20
    • Drums - 05 Percussion - 25
    • Loops - Basslines - 38
    • Loops - Drum Beats - 75
    • Loops - Full Mix - 20
    • Loops - Leads - 54
    • Loops - Midi - 58
    • Loops - Pluck Chords - 58
    • One Shots - FX - 50
    • Song Starters X5 - 88
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