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SH-101 Techno Essential
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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Techno

There should be no reservations when you see this brand, especially if we're speaking about the best synth in the history of electronic music. This is an amazing collection of sounds created with the legendary Roland SH-101!

Roland SH-101 is a synthesizer from the early 1980s, manufactured by Roland. It is a small 32 key monophinic analogue synthesizer featuring one oscillator with 3 simultaneous waveforms: sawtooth, square/pwm, and an octave-divided square sub-oscillator.  It has a low-pass filter/VCF capable of self oscillation. The self oscillation filter can be used to make bass drum sounds. The controls are simple to use as there is a slider or switch available for every single parameter as well as an external trigger input to control the speed of the sequencer or the arpeggiator.

Listening to this pack, it is clear to understand why this instrument still remains the favourite for many music producers.

The artist who made us honoured to have this pack, simply played with the synth creating some sounds of a unique potential and outstanding quality.  It's incredible how you can get some percussion loops from a completely different sound with this synthesizer and they are necessary to get that groove incomparable.

This fantastic instrument is responsible of the music evolution in the last 30 years and today,  this sample pack gives you the opportunity to have it in your studio with you.

In detail expect to find 160mb of loops (124 to 126 bpm) inspired by the origins of the Electronic Music Scene

  • 78 24 bit wav
  • 30 Melodic Synths
  • 24 Synth Bass
  • 24 Percussion Drums.

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