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SOR Revolution Virus C/TI Vol.2
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Genre: Electro

Additional Styles: Sound Archives

Here at last... the long awaited V2 of the perhaps most popular Virus C/TI soundset !

For the second chapter we delved deep into the heart of the virus to bring you 128 patches of unique sound design... far away from the "standard" stuff on the market. Breath fresh life into your productions with this captivating sonic soundset...

It comes with extreme complex & deep sound textures to lose yourself in, lots of experimental and totally wacky arpeggios, dark atmospherical sounds, awesome biting leads & trance pads, wonderfully analog sounding patches (Kraftwerk style)... lots of stuff you?ve definitely never heard before ! As always, without any boring brass/piano/flute patches ! ;-)

All patches are sorted in categories & make heavy use of Modwheel / Filters / Soft Knobs...

This set is primarily programmed and optimized for Virus C/TI Models (Moog Filters, EQ...).

This really is cutting-edge sound programming which gets the max out of this fantastic sound engine !

Get "infected" with the long awaited PART 2 of REVOLUTION VIRUS C/TI ! There is no alternative !

  • 128 Virus C/TI Presets

User Note: You will need a Virus C or TI to use these presets

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