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Image Sounds - Guitar Bundle

Genre: Blues

Additional Styles: Funk, Instruments, and Rock


One Shots

BPM: 60 - 160

Take the world by storm with one of the most trusty sidekicks to date! This guitar collection goes hand in hand with your tracks and serves the song in whatever mood you‘re looking for. Find your musical wingman in Funky Guitar 1 & 2, Acoustic Guitar 1, 60s Guitar 1 and add this versatile players to your team.

Always loved songs like "Le Freak" and "Kiss"? Then Funky Guitar 1 & 2 is what you’ve been waiting for! Legends like Chic, James Brown and Prince knew how to spice up their songs with some groovy guitar, creating countless hit productions—even modern songs like "Uptown Funk" and "Get Lucky" still draw from the same tasty cocktail of funk. Use this assortment of juicy licks and catchy riffs to add funky fire to your production.
From Bob Dylan to Avicii, the acoustic guitar has proven itself the cornerstone of countless hit productions throughout the history of pop music. Whether it plays a prominent or supporting role, the warm and melodic textures of Acoustic Guitar 1 add an organic and rhythmic layer to your pop, rock, country, or EDM tracks. Stuck in the sound of the sixties? Then head over to 60s Guitar 1 and fall in love with that good ol’ rock ’n’ roll feel! Full to the brim with crunchy riffs and bluesy top-line melodies, this classic collection will take you back in time to when songs like "I can’t get no Satisfaction" and "My Generation" ruled the radio—even modern songs like "Katchi (Ofenbach)" still draw from the same tasty cocktail of the 60´s flavour. Whether you’re looking for layers, extra groove, or catchy motives, 60s Guitar 1 is the perfect addition to your production purposes.

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  • 60’s Guitar - 351 Guitar Loops
  • Funky Guitar 1 - 561 Guitar Loops
  • Funky Guitar 2 - 466 Guitar Loops
  • Acoustic Guitar 01 - 505 Guitar Loops

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