Breaking Down The Remix By Dodge & Fuski
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With four consecutive Beatport number 1s, Dodge & Fuski is truly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to all things dance music. Returning after the success of his Dubstep fundamentals course where he broke down the massive track 'Killer Bees', Rob Talbott of DnF is back to give you the lowdown on creating a remix. Focusing on arrangement, the course is in two parts - part 1 in the studio with Rob as he demonstrates building a remix from the stems, part 2 is a commentary on a huge new Future House remix of Orla Gartland’s ‘Souvenirs’, made under his 4AM alias, concluding with a comparison of the two arrangements and tips on creative mixing.
The course is available immediately after purchase, and can be streamed online 24/7/365. Included with the course is a large pack of bonus samples, courtesy of Loopmasters. You can check out the trailer above, or listen to Rob's Orla Gartland remix below:

Extract from the course on creating a classic EDM riser:


Module Details

Module 1: Introduction and preparing the stems

In the first module, Rob introduces the course then jumps straight in with some pro tips and tricks.

Module 2: Editing the stems and planning the arrangement

In this module, Rob edits the stems, adds compression and reverb and begins the arrangement.

Module 3: Adding samples and melodic elements

Rob starts creating drums, choosing samples and applying compression and creative reverb before experimenting with synth sounds using NI Massive.

Module 4: Creating a riser

Next, Rob starts to creates a riser, using samples, which transitions from the soft, melodic introduction into the full dubstep drop.

Module 5: Module 5: Creating a drop

In this module, Rob delves into creating the drop. Experimenting with raw, crunchy synth leads, volume shaping and incorporating the vocals from the original track, the remix starts to take shape.

Module 6: Finishing the arrangement and basic mastering

Finishing off the track, Rob discusses some elements of arrangement before moving on to mastering using iZotope Ozone 6.

(Part 2) Module 7: Introduction to the track breakdown

In the second part of the course, Rob begins by introducing a remix he did of an Orla Gartland track, by describing the arrangement.

Module 8: Manipulating the stems

In this module, Rob shows you the stems from the original track, and how he began to edit, warp and manipulate them.

Module 9: New parts

In module 9, you are shown the new parts that are added to the remix, where they are positioned and how they are processed, with some great tips on creative mixing.

Module 10: Sound design breakdown and finishing up

In the final module, Rob discusses the differences between the second track and the one he created on the fly, commenting on contrasting arrangements and giving some final tips.


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