Chill Trap and Future Bass Production with Maschine by CAPSUN
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Additional Styles: Future Bass and Chill Trap

Chill Trap and Future Bass is the one of the hottess styles of electronic music right now, popularised by producers such as Flume, Wave Racer and Ryan Hemsworth. In this new course from Producertech, Brighton based producer CAPSUN invites you into his studio to share the secrets behind producing a track in this style with Native Instruments Maschine.

 CAPSUN is a well respected figure amongst producers, known for his meticulous sound design skills which have seen him release a slew of highly successful sample packs with Loopmasters, Native Instruments and his own CAPSUN Pro Audio Label. He also has a string of successful productions under his belt, with releases on Stripes Records and electronic music giant All Trap Music.

 In the course, CAPSUN takes you through the construction of a chill trap and future bass track from scratch, starting off with melodic strings and dreamy arpeggios, before moving on to booming 808 bass, crisp snares, percussion, vocal chops and SFX. The course focuses on getting the best out of both the Maschine software and hardware, with CAPSUN giving you a real insight into his workflow and production methods.

 Available immediately after purchase, the course can be streamed 24/7/365 anywhere with an internet connection. The course also comes complete with a selection of samples from CAPSUN’s very own Chill Trap and Future Bass sample pack, as well as 4 bonus Maschine kits from Niche Audio. Make sure to check out the sample module  and track from the course below.

Sample Module:


Listen to the track from the course:


Module 1 - Intro and Melodic Parts

CAPSUN kicks off the course by recording in the main melodic parts of the track, chords, smooth strings, a dreamy arpeggio sequence and some bass for the track intro.

Module 2 - Programming the Kick and Snare

This lesson teaches how to create a typical chill trap kick and snare pattern to form the fundamentals of the beat.

Module 3 - Filling out the Drum Beat

Continuing on from the previous lesson, CAPSUN continues adding other elements to the beat, including pitched snare fills, hi hats and rims, and also shows how he processes them within Maschine.

Module 4 - Adding Toms

In this module, big 80s sounding Toms are added to beat and processed with transient master to fit with the more

Module 5 - Creating an 808 Snare

CAPSUN shows how to create an 808 style snare, shaped with transient master and D16s Decimort plugin.

Module 6 - Snare Fills and Rolls

In this quick module CAPSUN adds the newly created 808 snare to the beat, with accented hits and snare rolls adding to the groove of the track.

Module 7 - Transposing Melodic Parts

This module teaches how to quickly transpose melodic parts to a more suitable key for the track.

Module 8 - Vocals

This lesson shows how to clean up vocal samples and process them with compression, reverb and pitch shifting to create interesting vocal chops and ad libs.

Module 9 - Creating a Gliding Lead

CAPSUN shows how to process a vocal sample and use portamento in order to create a gliding future bass lead.

Module 10 - Sequencing

This module shows how to use scene mode to start to build up the structure of the track from the patterns created in previous modules.

Module 11 - SFX and 808 Bass

CAPSUN adds a booming 808 bass to fill out the bottom end of the track, along with some SFX. He also adds a sidechain to create a pumping effect around the kick drum.

Module 12 - Basic Mixing and Mastering

This module shows how to achieve a basic mix, carefully blending the levels of the drums and melodic parts. There are also a few tips on EQing and adding stereo width using Plugin Boutique's Stereo Savage plugin.

Module 13 - Final Arrangement and Mix

The course concludes with this module, in which CAPSUN explains the arrangement of the track, including taking a look at the bridge section. He finishes by giving an insight into some of his mixing and mastering techniques.


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