Producer's Guide to Vocals
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A good vocal has the power to transform a decent track into an unforgettable global hit, and this course will provide all the knowledge you need to write, record and process your very own vocals.

The course is a comprehensive guide to the entire process of adding vocals to a track, beginning with writing tips and suggestions for selecting and finding a vocalist, before moving onto invaluable guidance on equipment and how to ensure the recording session goes without a hitch. He then gives an in-depth guide to his professional techniques for processing vocals, covering everything from EQing and reverb, to creative slicing of improvised material, using a range of DAWs’ internal effects and 3rd party plugins.

Check out the sample module and module descriptions before signing up for an example of what to expect from the course, which ensures you’ll have all the knowledge you need to add a sparkling vocal line to your productions and elevate them to next level.

Sample Module

Module 1 - Choosing the Vocalist

Blandy kicks off the course by explaining the considerations that need to be made when finding the right vocalist to record.

Module 2 - Songwriting Techniques

This module looks at songwriting, namely writing lyrics for a vocalist. The video looks at some useful apps and websites that can aid you in the process.

Module 3 - Mic Setup

In this video, Blandy looks at the various equipment and hardware needed to run a successful vocal recording session, and also explains how to set up your DAW to record. He also discusses the differences between dynamic and condenser mics.

Module 4 - Recording

This video explains the recording process, with tips on double tracking, recording harmonies and recording ad libs.

Module 5 - Vocal Compression

Blandy shows how to compress the vocals, explaining the various parameters that can be found on compressors in Logic and Ableton, and suitable settings to create the desired effect.

Module 6 - EQing

This module focuses on EQing vocals, looking at techniques to remove unwanted low end, and add presence and sizzle using a variety of different EQ plugins.

Module 7 - Applying Reverb

Blandy shares his techniques for creating a natural sounding reverb to help the vocals sit in the mix, using Logic's stock plugins, as well as some 3rd party plugins.

Module 8 - Using Delay

This video looks at adding delay to the main vocal part, as well as using the effect creatively to bridge transitions in the track.

Module 9 - Chorus and Special Effects

Blandy walks you through a selection of interesting effects in plugins such as Guitar Rig, CamelPhat and Replika.

Module 10 - Balance and Panning

In this module, the different vocal parts are carefully balanced in the mix, and panned to create a desirable stereo image.

Module 11 - Chopping Vocals

Blandy concludes the course by sharing his techniques for chopping up vocals creatively, taking material from ad libs to create new phrases and ideas.

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