Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques
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Take your production skills to the next level, with this course from acclaimed UK producer Seppa. Following the release of his hard hitting, sci-fi influenced Homonculus EP,  Seppa is here to give you a thorough breakdown of the advanced techniques he uses to create his genre-hopping style, which will move your feet, and blow your mind.

Demonstrating extensive sound design techniques, Seppa drills down into the fine control of different synthesisers, radical sampling and resampling, and demonstrates a high-tech approach to mixing and fx. Next, he creates the melodic ideas, drums and percussion elements and finally mixes and arranges the track.

Included with the course is the completed Ableton Live project, as well as over 200MB of bonus samples courtesy of Loopmasters for you to use in your own productions! Check out the sample module and module descriptions below.


Radical Sampling Sample Module:


Module 1: Creating the Bass Sound

In the first module, Seppa dives straight into creating the bass sound using Operator.

Module 2: Bass Processing

Next, Seppa demonstrates his high tech approach to processing, using multi-stage EQ and FX and frequency specific saturation.

Module 3: Bass Recording

To create a library of bass samples, Seppa records the bass synth whilst altering its parameters in real time, creating unusual and exciting sounds.

Module 4: Radical Sampling with Simpler

In this module, Seppa shows you how to take an existing loop and alter it to create a range of twisted sounds using LFOs, and then capture the new samples.

Module 5: Extra Sound Design with Serum

In the final sound design module, Seppa first demonstrates how to prepare a clip for resampling. Next, he uses Serum to resample the clip, creating new sounds.

Module 6: Core Creation

In the second section, Seppa starts to create the track, beginning with the drum and percussion elements and a fuzzy sub.

Module 7: Composition

In this extensive module, Seppa creates the additional parts of the track, an arpeggiated melody, new bass sound and a break-down style section.

Module 8: Arrangement and Mixing

In the final module of the course, Seppa arranges the track and shows how to refine it through various mixing techniques.

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