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iZotope’s Stutter Edit has now established itself one of the most popular effects plugins on the market, finding a home in the collection of most producers and DJs due to its great sound, versatility and multitude of uses both in the studio and on stage. In this course, Producertech senior tutor Rob Jones works his way through the plugin, skilfully explaining how each area works whilst constructing a new bank of presets from scratch.

After showing how to set up the effect in Ableton Live, Logic and Maschine, Rob begins with some examples of how to create simple effects progressions, called gestures, starting off with high- and low- pass filter sweeps. He then moves on to the main Stutter sections, taking you through the principles behind each one before building a number of different presets, including classic, looping buildups, choppy, time-stretched beat destroyers and much more.

As well as using Stutter Edit’s sections to create some more traditional effects like flangers and bit-crushers, Rob shows how they can also be used to make really useful vinyl scrubbing effects and subtler send effects layers. He then moves onto the plugin’s generator engine, which allows the programming of a variety of noise-based impacts and riser FX presets.

The 2 hours of streamed tutorials come with the bank from the course, containing 15 highly usable presets. Before signing up, check out the sample module, for an example of the teaching style and course content.


Sample Module:


Course Modules:

Module 1: Ableton Live Setup
Guide to setting up and using the plugin in Ableton Live.

Module 2: Logic Pro Setup
Guide to setting up and using the plugin in Logic Pro.

Module 3: Maschine Setup
Guide to setting up and using the plugin in Maschine.

Module 4: Guide to setting up and using the plugin in Maschine.
In this module, Rob shows you how to use any available banks, including the free Producertech bank.

Module 5: Gesture Basics Part 1 - Creating a High-Pass Filter Sweep
In module 5, you'll gain a complete understanding of the filter gesture.

Module 6: Gesture Basics Part 2 - Creating a Low-Pass Filter Sweep
In this module, Rob demonstrates a second example of a filter sweep, delving deeper into the different configurations.

Module 7: Filter Gesture Summary and Preset Saving
Recaps on the Filter Gestures and then saves them into a new Producertech bank.

Module 8. Intro to the Stutter Effects
In module 8, you'll be given a thorough insight into the powerful stutter controls that make this plugin so popular.

Module 9: Stutter Gesture I - Looping, Rhythmic Stutter
Creation of the first stutter preset, which is a rhythmic loop, sync’d to the tempo of a project, ideal for quick fills or longer build-ups.

Module 10. Stutter Gesture II - Classic Build-Up
Creation of the second stutter preset, which is a classic build-up that doubles in tempo as it progresses.

Module 11: Stutter Gesture III - Looping C Stutter
Creation of the third stutter preset, which is a tuned, lead-style sound, ideal for noisy EDM tracks!

Module 12: Stutter Gesture IV - 1-bar Beat Destroyer
Creation of the fourth stutter preset, which is a fill that uses time-stretching and gated stuttering to glitch things up!

Module 13: Stutter Gesture Summary
A recap on the stutter gestures and some final touches, as well as naming and saving of presets.

Module 14: Stereo Delay Options
A guide to all the controls in the Stereo Delay section, explaining the range of effects they can produce.

Module 15: Stereo Delay Gesture I - Stereo Flanger
Creation of the first stereo delay preset, which is a looping flanger.

Module 16: Stereo Delay Gesture II - Looping, Build Up Delay
Creation of the second stereo delay preset, which is gradual looping delay that builds in intensity, ideally suited for breakdowns.

Module 17: Stereo Delay Gestures III, IV and V - Vinyl Effects
Creation of the last 3 stereo delay presets, which are a variety of vinyl stops and scratching sounds.

Module 18: Summary of Stereo Delay Gestures 
Stereo delay preset naming and saving, followed by a quick demo.

Module 19: Distortion Effects 
Provides an overview of the Bit Reduction and Lo-Fi effects, before showing how to create a subtle, distorted send effect layer.

Module 20: Generator Gestures I - Impact FX
Introduces the other main type of gesture, the generator, showing how to create an impact FX preset, ideal for the start of a breakdown.

Module 21: Generator Gestures II - Riser FX
Shows another example of generator gesture creation, this time a longer riser FX preset, ideal for leading into a drop.

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