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DnB legend Reso returns to the Producertech community to share his secrets for producing incredible Neuro-style basslines. His 2 hours of comprehensive tutorials cover sound design, arranging and composition, mixing and processing, all with Logic’s built-in instruments and effects.

The first few tutorials focus on designing bass patches, where Reso uses Alchemy and EXS24 to create a number of gnarly sounds, featuring different sonic textures and LFO-driven movement. The presets are then drawn and played into the timeline to create an exciting 32-bar phrase, with call and response and automation employed to ensure dancefloor satisfaction. The remainder of the course then shows how to process the basses via different buss channels to get the mix sounding chunky but clear, with both drums and bass finding their own unique space.

As well as the streamed tutorials, signing up to the course gives you access to a download pack comprising the Logic project, some bonus bass oneshot and loop samples from Reso’s Loopmasters pack, and also 20 exclusive bass presets for Logic’s Alchemy. Check out the free sample modules for an example of the course content, which will have you producing your own serious Neuro bass in no time!

Sample Module


Module 1 - Neuro Reece Bass Sound Design

Reso creates the first bass sound with Alchemy, combining multiple vintage sawtooths and adding various modulated filters.

Module 2 - Processing the Reece Bass

Effects are added to the Reece, both within Alchemy and on the channel strip.

Module 3 - Creating a Second Reece

Reso shows a simple trick for creating an alternative Reece, with a variation in timbre.

Module 4 - Making a Sub Bass

Alchemy is used again to make a sub bass, to take care of the Reece’s low end, with some nice tips on increasing bass presence.

Module 5 - Resampling the Reece

The Reece is resampled and imported into EXS to make an additional bass track, with further variations in movement and colour.

Module 6 - Designing the Noisy Bass

A seriously heavy bass sound is designed in Alchemy using a combination of sine waves, noise and applied waveshaping, complete with mod wheel assignments for added performance expression.

Module 7 - Noisy Bass Variation

A quick variation on the Noisy Bass is made with some added tremolo and other minor tweaks.

Module 8 - Resampled Noisy Bass

The Noisy Bass is resampled in EXS24, with some cutoff modulation applied during resampling for some serious extra movement!

Module 9 - Creating the Wub Bass

A classic wub bass is made using EXS’s default preset with added filter modulation.

Module 10 - Bass Sequencing Part 1

Reso creates a 4-bar phrase of call and response between the different bass sounds, by drawing and playing in parts, then editing notes and adding automation.

Module 11 - Bass Sequencing Part 2

Having now made a 32-bar bass arrangement using the same techniques from the previous module, Reso explains any points of interest and additional tips for keeping the interest going.

Module 12 - Bass Buss Processing Part 1

The basses are sent to a buss channel and processed with EQ and various compressors, to allow space in the mix and sort the dynamics.

Module 13 - Bass Buss Processing Part 2

A secondary auxiliary buss is created for adding space and character to the bass, which is then processed and mixed.

Module 14 - Final Mixing Tips

Some final tips from Reso on mixing, arranging and composition.

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  • Pro Tips from DnB Legend Reso
  • Nearly 2-hours of Bass Production Tutorials
  • Logic Project from the Course
  • 20 Exclusive Alchemy Presets
  • Bonus Bass Oneshots and Loops

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    • Pro Tips from DnB Legend Reso
    • Nearly 2-hours of Bass Production Tutorials
    • Logic Project from the Course
    • 20 Exclusive Alchemy Presets
    • Bonus Bass Oneshots and Loops
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