Producer’s Guide to Neutron 2
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Neutron 2 is a huge upgrade to iZotope’s already revolutionary mixing suite, providing yet more innovative tools to help producers achieve incredible-sounding mixes. On this course by accomplished DJ producer and music educator Joshua Casper, you’ll discover the many ways to use Neutron to achieve mixing perfection!

Focusing on the Visual Mixer initially, Joshua shows how it can be used to mix all the individual channels in a project from one UI window, with quick and easy access to panning, levels and even stereo width for each. He also gives a detailed explanation of Tonal Balance Control, showing how to use target EQ curves from reference tracks to get exactly the mix you’re after.

In addition to tutorials that go through each part of the software, there is also a large segment of the course dedicated to using Neutron 2 to mix a track from start to finish, so every student can learn precisely how to put knowledge into practice in a real life mixing example. Each enrolled student has access to the multi-tracked stems of the track mixed in the course, as well as 10 bonus presets for Neutron 2, supplying not only the necessary knowledge but also extra materials to ensure the course delivers everything needed to produce an outstanding mix.

Sample Module


Section 1

Introduction -  Learn about the course in general then get a quick look at the Ins and Outs of Neutron 2’s Mothership, its global parameters, and get acquainted with the program.

Lesson 1 - Intro

Lesson 2 - Neutron Overview

Section 2

Mixing Made Easy – This is the module that starts you off on your mixing adventure with Neutron 2. Learn about the Track Assistant, Masking Feature, Learn Feature, Tonal Balance Control, Visual Mixer and much more. After these videos you will be well on your way to a full-on mixing technician!

Lesson 3 - Track Assistant

Lesson 4 - Masking Feature

Lesson 5 - Learn Feature

Lesson 6 - Visual Mixer

Lesson 7 - Mix Tap Device

Lesson 8 - Tonal Balance Control

Section 3

Modules – If you are looking to go to the next level, don’t skip these videos. Here we will learn everything there is to know about each of the modules found in Neutron 2.

Lesson 9 - EQ Overview

Lesson 10 - Dynamic-External Sidechain

Lesson 11 - Gate

Lesson 12 - Exciter

Lesson 13 - Transient Shaper

Lesson 14 - Compressor

Lesson 15 - Limiter

Lesson 16 - Neutrino

Section 4

Pro Tip – This is a video dedicated to external sidechaining. There are 3 modules that can accept sidechaining in Neutron 2. We will learn the routing and how each module is different and why they might be used.

Lesson 17 - External Sidechaining Advanced

Section 5

Mixing Together – This is where we wrap everything up and put it all to use. We will mix a track from start to finish using Neutron 2, the Visual Mixer and Tonal Balance Control. The stems for my song “It’s a Shame” ft. Bulgarian reggae vocalist Irie Bear is available to download for all enrolled students so that you can follow along at home. We will then fully master our resulting premaster in the Ozone 8 course here on Producertech.

Lesson 18 - Mixing Together Part 1

Lesson 19 - Mixing Together Part 2

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  • Nearly 2 hours of Mixing Tutorials
  • Realtime Mixing Session
  • Included Track Stems
  • 10 Bonus Neutron Presets

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