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LP24 - DNB Cyber Bundle 2020

Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles:

Included is a bountiful offering:

This bundle is like an all inclusive music resort, having over 1300 inspiring and top quality Loops, Oneshots, and Xfer Serum Presets!!  Don’t miss out on this one time offer of 1300 files for 70% off normal product pricing.

Individual Product descriptions and details:


Includes 234 heated Loops, 253 fire Oneshots, and 76 hot Xfer Serum Presets, all delivering next level sound designs and processing techniques.

INFERNO has an expansive set of the most useable and inspiring drum n bass sounds. You’ll find fully mixed synth/bass drops, fully mixed drum sections, AND isolated parts such as top mixes, kick and snare mixes, and even sub and mid basses mixed separated for extra flexibility. Further, these sounds are available individually as oneshots for those who prefer to program using the most elevated single shot sounds.

On top of that, an entire ‘musical’ folder holds the key to synth chord progressions, arpeggios, leads, more mid basses, plucks and eclectic synth hits. Mix and match and you have a multitude of unique possibilities for track building!

As if that wasn’t enough, we went ahead and created 76 of the absolute best Xfer Serum Presets in drum n bass. We know what you need, so we included 53 Bass presets, 10 Pluck presets, and 13 synth shot presets to inspire your workflow and add a creative edge.

2. Neurotech DnB:

Inside you’ll discover 360 files including 150 Loops and 240 oneshot samples, all dialed into perfection for your next music making session. These sounds will stun even the keenest ear… and are guaranteed to up your music making sessions with the most up to date sonics in drum n bass, neurotech, neurofunk, and more!

We’ve packed in only the best sounds around with Neurotech Drum n Bass. Find 30 full drum loops, mixed to a tee. 30 tops and 30 percussion loops add complexities and depth to your drum tracks. The romping, stomping, earth shaking basses will hold down any mix- while the hits, stabs, driving melodics, and energy infused synth lines will puncture through the monitors like no other. Also, we’ve included a huge selection of FX and drum oneshots to compliment your music creation process.

3. Particle FYSX:

Discover 333 booms, hits, drops, impacts, risers, sweeps, textures, tonal/drones, and transition fx that’ll blow open new dimensions of your music. You’d think we contacted extra-terrestrials and top secret sonic agencies to discuss how to go about creating these otherworldly sonics, however top-tier sound design ninja Nate Lueck has a ton of experience in that realm already (plus an insane modular rig / spaceship to boot). We partnered with Nate to create the most compelling and forward thinking collection of effects wizardry to date.

Trust us when we say these are not your grandmother’s risers and sweeps. Particle FYSX focuses on THE next-level of sound design- each meticulously crafted and processed to deliver head spinning results. Inside, you’ll find well organized, well labelled files to help you navigate this stunning collection with ease.

4. Neuro Plasticity for Serum:

LP24 is very proud to present our latest release Neuro Plasticity for SERUM featuring 60 mind altering presets designed for all Bass Genres including: Neurostep, Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Wobble House, and the latest EDM styles. All 60 Neuro Plasticity presets take full advantage of each Serum macro control, giving you creative depth and sonic flexibility to shape your own sound world.

Inside Neuro Plasticity for SERUM you’ll find 60 solid Basses, Leads, Arps, Pads, SFX, Sequences, Plucks, Risers, Stabs – each sound crafted with the attention and detail that your  music productions need to stand out! This collection features the most intense, heavy, impactful, and sonically rich sound designs—many with custom wavetables, fully creative macro control assignments. Many presets also utilize the mod wheel to transform the timbre for even more flexibility and uniqueness!

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Loopmasters do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. "RHODES" is a registered trademark of Joseph A Brandstetter.

INFERNO Drum n Bass

  • 752MB
  • 234 Loops
  • 100 Drum Loops (classic dnb drums, live style drums, synth drums, full mixes, top loops, kick and snare mixes)
  • 80 Musical Synth Loops (bass, lead, chords, plucks, arps)
  • 54 Hard Synth Loops (bass, synths)
  • 253 Oneshots
  • 47 Kicks
  • 30 Snares
  • 30 HH
  • 4 Rides
  • 8 Percussion,
  • 28 Bass Shots
  • 17 FX Oneshots,
  • 21 Synth Shots
  • 67 Hard Synth Oneshots
  • 1 BONUS DnB Synth Jam (3 minutes)
  • 76 Xfer Serum Presets
  • 53 Bass
  • 10 Pluck
  • 13 Synth Shots

Neurotech Drum n Bass

  • 150 Loops
  • 90 Drum Loops (30 Full, 30 Tops, 30 Percussion)
  • 30 Bass Loops
  • 30 Synth Loops
  • 240 Oneshots
  • 30 Kick
  • 30 Snare
  • 30 HH
  • 30 Crash
  • 30 FX (10 down lift, 10 reverses, 10 uprisers)
  • 30 Bass Hits
  • 30 Synth Hits
  • 30 Drones, Atmospheres, and Pads

Particle FYSX

  • 333 Particle FX Oneshots

Neuro Plasticity for SERUM

  • 60 Xfer Serum Presets with Macro Controls
  • 5 Arps
  • 31 Bass
  • 9 Leads
  • 2 Pads
  • 1 Pluck
  • 4 Sequences
  • 3 SFX
  • 5 Synth

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