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I Love Tibet
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A classy collection of Tibetan samples with a specially included movie. The faithful performances of sacred instruments & voices.

In the Tibet Autonomous Region under the occupation of China, extreme human rights violations have continued, and their traditional Buddhist music is also in peril to disappear. Soon after his arrival in India in 1959, Dalai Lama re-organized the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, and their tradition and culture are still maintained by many Tibetan exiles settled in the town.

For recording the genuine Tibetan samples on this library, Discovery visited the refugee settlement under the Tibetan Government-in-Exile located in Dharamsala, Northern India.

I Love Tibet is a sample pack with 644 MB of 16bit/44.1kHz recordings of loops, one-shots, multi samples made using varied cross-section of instruments - indispensable sacred percussion, wind instruments and sutras to the Tibetan Buddhist music - together with some more traditional percussion, string and wind instruments and Tibetan Opera which are familiar to Tibet people. Users will enjoy the instrumental performances included as a special movie as well as the live performance by monks in a temple on the disc.

Tibetan Buddhism stands for Tibetan culture. For the memorial service held in temples, many instruments are used for making God and Buddha pleased with sounds. The instruments to play the Buddhist music are roughly divided into percussion and wind instruments. The percussion is consisted of drums such as "Nga" or "Damaru" and metal percussion like cymbals called "Book Chen" to keep rhythms. The wind instruments include Tibetan flute called "Gyaling", a huge and loud Tibetan horn called "Dhunchecn", a Conch horn called "Dhung", etc. Those sacred instruments are thoroughly represented here, and also the essential emotional voices to admire God & Buddha called "Mantra" and "Chant" in multi-tones recited by a lot of monks are also provided. For multi-sampling files, stringed instruments called "Drayen" and "Yanzin" are available in Kontakt format and Tibetan percussion including cymbals or bells are presented in BATTERY format. More over, the additional special movie (4 min 40 sec.) presents a Tibetan folk song, folk dances, native costumes, and Tibetan people with friendly smiles.

"I Love Tibet" features such a classy and mystic music world of Tibet.

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