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Afro House Bundle

Genre: Afro House

Additional Styles: House



One Shots

BPM: 120 - 122

Explore the heart of Afro House music today with this exclusive bundle deal from Loopmasters: 3 sample packs for just £20! These packs showcase enchanting melodies of West African instruments like Kora and Ngoni, crisp basslines, dynamic drum beats, and even soulful African vocals. 

Abstract Afro House

Abstract Afro House is an enchanting sample pack brought to you by Loopmasters that takes you on a rhythmic odyssey deep into the essence of Afro House music. Set at a vibrant 122 BPM, this collection masterfully fuses the realms of tradition and innovation, resulting in a seamless and captivating musical experience. At its core are synth and sub bass lines that have been designed to blend diverse rhythms, syncopations, and off-beat patterns. This pack offers a set of drum beats that effortlessly blend African percussion with electronic elements. It encompasses everything from resonant tones of West African stringed instruments such as the Kora and Ngoni, to the velvety textures of lush synthesizers and intricate synthesized sequences. Adding to its richness, Abstract Afro House is generously filled with the soulful essence of male African vocals.

Afro Deep

Afro Deep represents the deeper, more hypnotic side of Afro House, as played and pioneered by DJs including Mr. Afro Deep, DJ Karaba, and of course, Black Coffee. Well defined by bright, vibrant synth loops, elegantly swung djembe percussion, and crisp, satisfying basslines, the royalty-free contents of Afro Deep feature all the ingredients to curate a textured, dancefloor-friendly take on this evolving sound. Traditional instrumentation such as marimbas and shakers sit alongside locally sourced vocal loops. Including hits and loops delivered at 120 BPM, the clean and authentic sounds of Afro Deep can also work with genres such as Dub, traditional Deep House as well as Moombahton and Bass House.

Munchies Jukebox - Afro House

Munchies Jukebox - Afro House encapsulates infectious beats, cultural richness, and a distinctive fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds. Set at a steady tempo of 122 BPM, this pack is specifically designed for the nuances of afro house. This collection delivers an extensive array of full drum loops and individual kick loops, as well as an assortment of mixed percussion. It is further enriched with effects like risers and transitions, and melodic content that possesses a unique identity. Lose yourself in deep synth and sub basslines, emotive pianos, rich synthesizers, and lush pads. 

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3 x Afro House packs - 1.6GB of content

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Afro Deep is a library representing a deeper, more hypnotic side of afro house. It is inspired by...


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