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SM101 Jazz Melodics & Hooks
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Genre: Hip-Hop

Additional Styles: Jazz


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 88

Packed with 100+ loops of classy lo-fi melodics, leftfield rhythms, emotive jazz piano loops, Wurli licks, Rhodes stabs, warm analogue chords and much more, key-labeled throughout and served with MIDI variants as standard. As a bonus, we have included 101 music one-shots crafted into Ableton racks for extra control and creative freedom.



Editing Tools

  • Chord Select - Switch between 101 chord shots using this simple dial.
  • Intensity - Add filter drive, filter envelope and stereo width to your sound in one simple control. (Note: The Simpler version of this rack lacks filter envelope control.)
  • Filter - A 12-db low pass filter run through the SMP circuit. Use this to warm up your sound and tame high frequencies
  • Tune - Adjust the pitch by +/- 50 cent increments using the tuning dial to ensure your synth sample matches perfectly with the rest of your materials.
  • ADSR - Use the Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release parameters to take control of the transient character of your audio and tailor it expertly to your production.
  • INSTRUMENT FX RACKS:Jazz Melodics and Hooks Instrument FX Racks

Processing Tools

  • Warmth - Add subtle warmth to your chords with this easy to use saturation and compression rack.
  • EV Filter - Add some movement and pluck with our Envelope filter rack to shape and contort your chords.
  • PP EQ - Use our EQ rack to instantly carve out mud and dial up the bass & clarity using simple controls.
  • Glucose - Subtly squash and squeeze your sound together with our all new Glucose rack featuring 4 compression units for maximum dynamics control.
  • Spatial - Instantly dial width and thickness with our 4 different width processors. Try using them individually or adding them together to create your own custom stereo effect.
  • Echo - Add some bounce and flutter to your sound with our simple and effective filtered delay line.
  • Room - Use our new Room module to add some reverb to your sound with our two carefully crafted reverb units.

Please note: Ableton Live 9.7.5 or later is required to run the Ableton racks.

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Loopmasters do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. "RHODES" is a registered trademark of Joseph A Brandstetter.

  • 202 24-bit Wav files
  • 101 Apple Loops
  • 101 Rex2 Files
  • 1 Ableton Sampler Rack
  • 1 Ableton Simpler Rack
  • 5 Ableton FX Racks

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    • 202 24-bit Wav files
    • 101 Apple Loops
    • 101 Rex2 Files
    • 1 Ableton Sampler Rack
    • 1 Ableton Simpler Rack
    • 5 Ableton FX Racks
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