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Techno Vocal Bundle

Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Vocals


One Shots

BPM: 125 - 135

Introducing the Techno Vocal Bundle, a comprehensive sample pack collection brought to you by House Of Loop.

This exceptional bundle deal features three standout sample packs: Techno Vocals, Techno Vocals 2, and the Electronic Vocal Collection, each designed to add depth, energy, and a unique edge to your techno productions.

Dive into the world of powerful vocal hooks, haunting phrases, and dynamic shouts that are perfect for creating unforgettable tracks.

The Techno Vocal Bundle provides a diverse array of vocal samples, ensuring you have the perfect elements to complement your driving beats and atmospheric soundscapes.

Whether you are looking to add a gritty, underground feel or a polished, high-energy vibe, this bundle has it all.

Each pack within the bundle brings its own distinct flavour, from raw, edgy vocals to more melodic and ethereal sounds, all meticulously recorded and processed to fit seamlessly into your mixes.

The variety and quality of the vocal samples in this bundle make it an invaluable resource for any techno producer looking to elevate their tracks.

Brought to you by House Of Loop, the Techno Vocal Bundle is your go-to collection for adding that essential human touch and expressive power to your techno creations.

Download now and unleash the full potential of your productions with these top-tier vocal samples.

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