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SOR Minimal Techno Revolution Bundle

Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Minimal and Tech House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 127

Welcome to the mighty SOR Minimal Techno Revolution Bundle – your chance to get over 6000 highly creative and inspiring samples suitable for Minimal, Techno, Deep & Tech House for a no-brainer discount of 50% OFF!. More than 7 GB content of premium sound material, awarded by artists like First State, Timo Mass, Lützenkirchen, Matrin Buttrich to name a few, next to press awards from Music Tech Magazine, Computer Music UK and others. (For detailed informations of the contained packs, just click on the links below)

What`s in the bundle?

Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.1
Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution enjoys a steadily growing popularity with his”Revolution” sample series. DJ Tiesto, Adam Beyer, Timo Maas and Stephan Bodzin all recently avowed themselves being fans and supporters of his latest sample libraries. After the successful FX, Kick-free and Electro House editions, which have been rated 10/10 points by diverse leading producer journals, the german sound wizard finally fields the next sampling specialist through Mutekki Media.

MTR1 offers far more than its predecessors, over 2000 variable high quality samples in number! A notably highlight is the massive loop section, which offers 700 different Bass, Drum and Synth Loops of all shades, available also as Apple & Rex Loops. The approximate 1500 single sounds divide into Bass and Synth Sounds, Fragments, Kick Drums, Claps, Cymbals, FX, Percs and Toms -whereas all Bass and Synth Sounds even have their own playable programs / instruments, so they can be played instantly and don’t need to get mapped.

Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.2
Pursuing the fine art of minimal and techno, Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution spared no expense creating new beautiful sounds for your productions. Distributed through label Resonance Sound, each sound nails down the facettes of Techno and Minimal to the point and supports your music full of power, intoxicated with the latest state-of-the-art Minimal and Techno elements labels are offering right now. Following the multi-magazine-awarded Minimal Techno Vol. 1, this one is again full of fresh clicks and glitches, weird loops, awesome percussions, groundshaking effects, Vocals and just so much more making your next techno production session so exciting!

Besides being handcrafted with all modern studio weapons, the loops (127 bpm) are leaving enough headroom for all those little spices you might have in mind for your next hit. Carefully sorted into lots of categories, available in the most popular sampler formats and at a total of 628 loops and 561 oneshots and drums there’s nothing for you to worry about – well, maybe that you’ll be spending too much time tinkering in your studio…

Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.3
There’s nothing wrong with yet another follow-up to a bestselling series, is it? Well, that’s exactly why Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds of Revolution locked himself up in the studio again, hunting with the latest armory for even greater, fresher, punchier and all-gooseflesh techno sounds.

Distributed by Resonance Sound, Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.3 covers special organic sounds (e. g. live drums, live bass loops, field recordings) right next to all-time favorites such as true analog drums, SID samples (C64-style), loads of drum loops with/without kick and a variety of carefully processed vocals. Missing something? How about kit loops for starters, dark and mystic atmospheres, hypnotic bass and synth loops, semisynthetic field recordings or never-heard fx sounds shaking the ground to its every bit? Have a listen to the demos below – Minimal Techno Revolution 3 easily proves once again that skillful attention to detail translates into a unique, creative and handy addition to any electronic music producer’s toolkit.

Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.4
All lovers of minimal techno and so much more EDM are about to get the very rare goods of meticulously handcrafted sounds they’ve always been searching for: no matter whether you’re after spine-tingling, dancefloor-kicking loops, never-heard single shot samples covering everything from classic analog drums and cymbals to exotic percussion or just some weird fx – it’s all in here!
Since SOR customers are known to be hard to please – for a good reason – Mr. Smith didn’t dare to disappoint the audience: meet the special section of “organic sounds”! Live recorded sequences and much more are ready to make your next tune stand out and move the masses in no time!

Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.5

Oliver Schmitt aka SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION (SOR) continues his highly acclaimed and best-selling Minimal Techno sample pack series distributed by Resonance Sound.
Following the multi-magazine-awarded predecessors, this one is again full of fresh clicks and glitches, weird loops, awesome percussions, dirty chords, lots of drum loops with/without kick, ground shaking never heard effects, haunting atmospheres, organic analogue loops, mangled Vocals, noisy elements and just so much more, making your next techno production session even more exciting!
Note: This reworked pack (14 new loops) was previously sold as "SOR Deep Organic & Dirty" – Please check your account before making a purchase as no refunds can be given.

Besides being handcrafted with all modern studio weapons, the loops (127 bpm) are leaving enough headroom for all those little spices you might have in mind for your next hit.

Save 50% to single purchase!
8.59 GB Content in total
6891 Files in total
Awarded by artists and press
Suitable for Minimal, Techno, Deep & Tech House

All Vintage Movie Samples are licensed for use under the new Creative Commons (Public Domain Mark 1.0) license agreement:

24 bit WAV
Sampler Patches for Kontakt & EXS24
REX Loops (Stylus RMX ready) (Vol.1 – Vol.3)
Apple Loops (Vol.1 only)

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Loopmasters do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. "RHODES" is a registered trademark of Joseph A Brandstetter.

Minimal Techno 1 Revolution Specs:
  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1.5+Gb
  • 688 Apple and Wav loops
  • 688 Rex2 Files
  • 1400+ Single shot Wavs
  • Patches for Kontakt 3 and Exs24

Minimal Techno 2 Revolution Specs:

  • 1.49GB
  • Multi Format Sample pack
  • 1.09Gb Wav
  • 1189 Files
  • 628 Loops
  • 561 One Shots
  • 113 Bassloops incl. Root Key
  • 54 Clap & Snare Hits
  • 62 Cymbal Hits
  • 434 Drumloops
  • 29 Fragment Hits
  • 57 Kick Hits
  • 54 Minimal Stuff Hits
  • 171 Effects
  • 32 SID Hits
  • 81 Synthloops incl. Root Key
  • 31 Toms & Percussion Hits
  • 71 Vocals
  • 628 Rex2 Loops
  • 33 Soft Sampler patches for EXS24 and Kontakt 4+

Minimal Techno 3 Revolution Spec:

  • 060 Atmos - Bonus
  • 073 Bassloops (synthetic)
  • 035 Bassloops Live
  • 034 Clap
  • 042 Click & Grain
  • 025 Crash & Ride
  • 122 Effects
  • 043 Hat
  • 051 Kick
  • 219 Kick free loops
  • 281 KIT loops
  • 063 Percussion
  • 035 Processed Live Recordings
  • 049 SID
  • 039 Snare
  • 152 Synthloops
  • 112 Vocals
  • 500 Rex2 Files
  • 34 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt & EXS24


Minimal Techno 4 Revolution Spec:
  • 1,41 GB of 24bit WAV files
  • 1289 samples in total
  • 030 Atmos – Bonus
  • 131 Bassloop
  • 029 Clap
  • 023 Click + Grain
  • 013 Crash
  • 039 Hat
  • 041 Kick
  • 032 Kick Free Loop Mix
  • 027 Kick Free Loop Click
  • 041 Kick Free Loop Experimental
  • 041 Kick Free Loop Hat
  • 015 Kick Free Loop Noise
  • 045 Kick Free Loop Perc
  • 021 Kick Free Loop SID
  • 022 Kick Free Loop Vox
  • 229 KIT Loop
  • 064 Minimal Stuff
  • 014 FX Granular
  • 022 FX Hit
  • 074 FX Oneshot
  • 018 FX Processed Live Recordings
  • 008 FX Reverse
  • 018 FX Sweep
  • 014 SID
  • 032 Snare
  • 133 Synthloop
  • 072 Tom + Percussion
  • 008 Vocal Spoken
  • 011 Vocal Vintage Movie
  • 028 Vocal FX
  • 40 Sampler Patches for Kontakt & EXS24
  • 046 Hatloop
  • 019 Hit
  • 029 Kick
  • 145 Kitloop
  • 097 Mixedloop
  • 012 Noiseloop
  • 016 Percussion
  • 107 Synthloop
  • 040 Chord + Synth
  • 005 Vintage Vocals
  • 031 Vocal FX
  • 24-bit WAV Stereo
Minimal Techno 5 Revolution Spec:
  • 1.10 GB Content (24-Bit WAV)
  • 811 Samples (500 Loops / 311 Oneshots)
  • 022 Atmos
  • 067 Bassloop
  • 012 303 Loop
  • 030 Clap + Snare
  • 014 Clickloop
  • 119 Effect
  • 046 Hatloop
  • 019 Hit
  • 029 Kick
  • 145 Kitloop
  • 097 Mixedloop
  • 012 Noiseloop
  • 016 Percussion
  • 107 Synthloop
  • 040 Chord + Synth
  • 005 Vintage Vocals
  • 031 Vocal FX
  • 24-bit WAV Stereo

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