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SM101 Techno Bass Shots

Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Bass

One Shots

DAW Presets


Raw, processed analogue melodic shots for pounding techno tracks. Percussive bass bumps, industrial drones and machine drummed kicks, expertly processed in distortion, reverb and analogue FX ready to drop into your sampler of choice. Key-labelled with MIDI and bundled with a powerful custom-built Ableton Rack instrument, these bass shots are primed to beef up your bangers!


Bass Instrument Rack

Custom ableton rack for all your bass needs...

Processing Tools:

Bass Selector - Quickly scroll through a vast collection of 127 unique bass shots and samples. From thumping subs to dirty acid, you will be sure to find the right sound to fit your track.

HP/LP Filters - Fat and warm filters for sonic sculpting. Complete with resonance contriol for screeching acid madness.

Pump - Hone and define the envelope of your sample with the 'pump' utility.

Bass Boost - Dial in some bass and bring out the rich low frequency tones in your bassline.

Grit Flavour - Need more dirt? Scroll through five processing options to add more harmonic content to your sound. Perfect for adding defintion to lo-fi genres.

Delay Flavour - Choose between four unique delay options for adding extra depth to your production.

Sample Editing Tools:

Pitch - Quickly transpose or change the range of your sequence.

Velocity Volume - Add more depth to your patterns by dialling in some volume modulation.

Portamento Time - Pitch modulation for wonky grooves and acidic slides.

ADSR - Basic Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release tools for shaping your samples.

Requires Ableton Live 9.5+ For Bass Racks

  • 127 24-bit Wav files
  • 127 Bass One Shots
  • 18 MIDI files
  • 1 Custom Bass Rack Instrument for Ableton Live 9.5 Suite

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